STOP the wind farm project in Labette County, KS

STOP the wind farm project in Labette County, KS

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L. Wilson started this petition to Labette County Commissioners

Many Labette County residents are stating their opposition to a proposal that would result in a wind turbine farm being constructed across Labette County, Kansas. 
Strong opposition comes after reviewing much research and many studies conducted on the long-term effects of wind farms and industrial turbines, making very clear the negative impacts that will certainly far outweigh the positive for our rural communities.

Most rural Labette County residents can likely agree that we are proud and appreciative of the landscapes provided to us in this region. As evidenced in other rural Southeast Kansas regions which have approved the implementation of industrial wind turbines, the detriment to the natural beauty of the landscape is impossible to escape. But, these wind farms are more than simply an eyesore.

Numerous reports have indicated that physicians see an increased number of rural patients experiencing adverse effects of these wind turbines on their health. Multiple studies have concluded that people who live or work in close proximity to these industrial wind turbines have experienced symptoms that include decreased quality of life, annoyance, stress, sleep disturbance, headache, anxiety, depression, and cognitive dysfunction. These symptoms result from any combination of the following: wind turbine noise, infrasound, dirty electricity, ground current, and shadow flicker. These equate to real physical ailments experienced by real people in close proximity to the wind turbines. Most people choose to live in a rural location to avoid exposure to causes such as those mentioned above. Thus, the proposal of having a wind turbine located in very near proximity invokes a feeling of anxiousness and dread to many area residents. 

In addition, there is overwhelming data to support the claim that when the contracts expire, when the equipment becomes outdated, when the energy company is ready to pick up and move on, WE will be left with the residual mess. Designated landfills are already claiming to be nearly at or over capacity from previous wind turbine deconstruction. 

In many cases, the construction of wind farms has a drastic negative impact on real estate value. One study conducted by a neutral third-party research group, Forensic Appraisal Group, Ltd. from Wisconsin, showed that property value decreased anywhere from -29% to -43% when a wind turbine was located between 600ft to 1/2 mile from a residential property, and had an impact of -12% to -30% on vacant land in the area. In an already extremely fragile economy, homeowners stand to lose the precious equity they have in their homes and real estate, while the vast majority of Labette County residents will receive no financial compensation from royalties or lease agreements for the land the turbines are constructed upon. 

Lastly, it has been stated that the energy generated by RWE's proposed wind farm in Labette County would not benefit the residents of Labette County with regard to contributions toward our local energy supply or lowering the cost or usage for our residents. The understanding is that the energy generated here will be sold to another region; thereby decreasing property values locally in order to create a financial benefit for RWE and non-local energy consumers in other regions and states. 

Given all of the information shared above, as well as our own personal pleas, we urge you to oppose RWE's proposal to use Labette County as the site for their newest wind farm and next financial endeavor. 

Labette County Residents: In addition to signing this petition, please also email your county commissioners and/or Labette Co. Emergency Management contact ASAP to share your opinion on this topic. Only the three county commissioners will vote to approve or deny the project!!

County Commissioners:
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Brian Kinzie -
Cole Proehl -
Emergency Management Contact:
Charlie Morse -

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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