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Label GMOs, remove Monsanto from the FDA, research GMOs & get our vote.

We are specifically asking, Barack, that you fulfill your promise to require labeling of GMOs, fire former Monsanto VP Michael Taylor from his FDA position, and support research into the health effects of GMO foods. If you do this, you will get the vote for President in November from those of us signing. We feel this issue is that important to be a central, important issue on the Presidential election ballot.

1. Obama promised to sign the bill to label GMO foods too, and instead did the exact opposite.

2. Monsanto breaks anti-trust laws, and corporate profits have been leading our food, health and nutrition decisions since the days of Dan Quayle. This multinational corporation needs to not be in charge of our food and health decisions, instead this company needs to be put into it's place - Monsanto needs to be SUBJECT to the laws and scruples of an actual nutrition experts and an FDA who would care more about the BEST interests and health of the PEOPLE. Read more here:

3. We do NOT know what we are eating. Any product you purchase that says it has the ingredient "SUGAR" in it, means you MIGHT be consuming "genetically engineered beet sugars." Surprise you? This is just one of the many laws about product labeling that Monsanto, the FDA and Obama have pushed through. Why? For more corporate profit. Why would they want to hide it? Because of a paranoid public that doesn't know any better about taking care of their health, and all this is fine? Or maybe Monsanto has something to hide and they know that natural sugar not only SEEMS better for a humans' health, maybe it actually IS healthier to consume products not genetically modified. The only research in the US being done on GMOs is by the companies themselves and they are not releasing their studies. Why?

4. GMOs are KNOWN to be risky and allergenic at least, extremely dangerous at most. But I can't quote MUCH research about this because there is basically no current research being done.

5. Peanut allergies have risen astronomically and there are possibilities that this is linked to the genetically engineered soy that our kids eat every day. Read the label of any bread at your local store. Or ANY product. Why does soy oil that's genetically modified need to be used in our food? A link between GMO soy and peanuts as it reacts in the body needs to be explored. Why do we need corn and canola oil or cottonseed oil in SO many products? For corporte profits. Many people find when they cut out all products with these ingredients in them, they "feel better," and some actual symptoms that could be allergies go away. WHY WE DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TRACK OUR OWN ALLERGIES at least and possibly omit cancer causing or infertility causing products from our own and our kids diet is beyond me. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW AND MAKE A DECISION.

6. This is NOT the same as eating pesticides and chemicals added to foods as it has been over the last century. This is not the same as cross breeding for better product results. This is changing the genetic make up of food. This is something that has only been happening for 20 years or so but with such an increasing amount that something like 70% of the food on the shelves at your local grocery store have GMO products in them. Of the processed foods, (including products seemingly as simple as bread, or ice cream) I would imagine it's over 95%. The idea of "oh, our grandparents ate all that stuff and they seem fine and lived a long life," does NOT relate here. This is not a plug for "buy organic foods", this is a plug for "tell me what's in my food, please, especially if it's totally new, and totally untested, and caused BURNS on the hands of the farmers in India harvesting it." (Cottonseed oil that is from GMO cotton cannot be harvested by hand, they learned the hard way in India, with some permanent effects on farm workers being the proof in the pudding, hmmm... I wonder what that might do to our stomach lining?) I wonder about the increase in things like crohn's disease in children in the last 20 years... hmmm... is that too much of a leap? Well, we don't KNOW because there is NO RESEARCH HAPPENING. Researchers who attempt to study this, also, get fired.

7. Michelle Obama's organic garden and "be healthy" efforts makes it seem like the First Family supports health. Looking at this issue, nothing could be further from the truth. The label "organic" does require that a food not contain any genetically modified ingredients. So, ok the Obama's themselves will not consume GMOs yet Barack has given Monsanto permission to run the making of laws about this so the rest of America can experiment on themselves and their children with these new products that are untested so far?

8. GMO products are restricted and / or require labeling in Europe, many places in Africa, China, Haiti and more. The rest of the world is literally looking to the US for its GMO health experiment. They are wondering how many of todays kids who are 10 will someday be 30 and we will be reporting on this "mysterious" huge hike in infertility of this generation. And with all the environmental hazards, and the fact that likely 95% of America's children consume a ton of GMOs EVERY single day, the possible link will be impossible to determine in a study, though Europeans, Africans, Chinese and Haitians will be smiling knowing that they protected their kids from this.

9. I hope that GMOs are not this dangerous. As a school teacher, it scares and angers me that even school foods sanctioned are likely chosen by Monsanto and likely pumps up their profits even more. I am not convinced that GMOs are the most dangerous thing in the world, but I'm also convinced that I have no way of truly knowing.

10. Companies that make products from old fashioned regular sugar, corn or cottonseed oils, are losing money because the percentage of people trying to avoid GMOs is rising. It's not fair that their products which contain natural, non GMO sugar, corn, soy, cottonseed oil or other products are being avoided just because 70% of all soy, corn, etc are GMO. We who are trying to avoid GMOs WANT to purchase THEIR products, we want it to be labelled so we can make that decision. Supply and demand is supposed to occur when the public demands something. Over 90% of the American public want GMOs labelled. The supply you have given us has been deceptive products that simply say "sugar" and we think we are simply buying sugar. This is a lie and deception that is not ok to just live with.


--Go to the end notes to see where this scientific research is documented

--- The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) today released its position paper on Genetically Modified foods stating that "GM foods pose a serious health risk" and calling for a moratorium on GM foods. Citing several animal studies, the AAEM concludes "there is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects" and that "GM foods pose a serious health risk in the areas of toxicology, allergy and immune function, reproductive health, and metabolic, physiologic and genetic health."

- Robyn OBrien, former food industry employee, gets a kid with food allergies and learns about the huge risk of cancer in the US compared to other countries, how its the leading cause of death for kids under 15 in the US - she taught herself about soy, etc, and GMOs, and changes her iife...

Barack, you betrayed us by breaking your promise to label GMOs, and it's a sad world that corporations and money run our FDA, elections and President's decisions, apparently. Some of us and even our children have what we believe are allergies to some products in foods, but it's impossible to know because there are at least 7 products frequently found in most foods that MIGHT be GMO. (Cottonseed oil, It's not possible for all people to afford the more expensive organic option, as you and your wife support and eat. Expand healthy options for all people living under all budgets.

* If you do this, you will get the vote for President in November from those of us signing.
* If you don't, some of the undersigned will either not vote for you or will be seriously considering not voting for you. We will be watching the polls in our respective states, and sadly, some of us might feel we must give you our vote because we don't want the other alternative, but this vote will not feel like a fully supportive vote of you.

(** If you wish to March on Washington with us - check it out here:


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