Allow La Trobe University 2020 Graduates To Defer Their Ceremony

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Graduation: a word that has brought so much hope and pulled many students through some of the darkest phases of their studying career. In the case of 2020 graduates, it was one of the motivating factors to keep pushing through the anguish of our final year of study, online.

With final exams looming, that graduation ceremony to celebrate with peers and family was ripped from our grasp, leaving us with nothing but pure deflation.

La Trobe University sent out a small link, buried in the bottom of the weekly student update email, to say that 2020 graduates no longer get the option to defer their graduation to celebrate it at a later date.

The two options we were left with were: to either graduate in absentia, or to attend a "GradFest," where students must pay a $130 registration fee, to go on campus and take photos in academic regalia, whilst wearing a mask, and do so in a prompt fashion, so that the next group of students can come in and have their turn.

Regional Victorians in the Class of 2020, have been given the option to defer their ceremony to a later date entirely, whilst Metro students are forced into submission of one of the two aforementioned options. It should be our choice, when and how we choose to graduate.


Help us get a fair result for the entire class of 2020, and let us celebrate when it is safe and enjoyable for everyone.