Stop demand for resignation of Board VP Charda Bell-Fontenot

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Board Vice President Charda Bell-Fontenot is being systemically coerced to resign for defending the rights of students and teachers. During the last board meeting Ms. Bell-Fontenote pointed out the forcible exclusion of non-vaccinated staff and students can be compared to white supremacy ideology and viewed as privileged. She then explains the boards lack of consideration for families facing barriers that impact their ability for access. Ms. Bell-Fontenote went on to say that these action could also compared to slavery and she "would not be a part of it". Once it was all laid out other board members and the superintend were quick try and silence her. As a member of this community we are asking you to sign this petition to prevent another issue of social injustice. Why can't a Black woman be passionate about her cause without being condemned for it. I am asking the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District to be accountable for their own privilege and stand behind Board Vice President Charda Bell-Fontenot.