Reinstate Membership of U.S. Army Veteran Eldridge (Poloe) Dockery Jr.

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Mr. Dockery was wrongly accused of being a trainer and was evicted. I'm in LA Fitness Monday and a guy name E Johnson came and asked me, "Are you a trainer?" I said, "No we are all family here; we just help push one-another to the limit." He went from that statement to yelling, "Yes you are too.... I'm going to make an example out of you!" He revoked my membership nationwide without my knowledge. He did not ask me to leave until after he called for a police escort. This was public humiliation, slander, and defamation character. There was no investigation to say the least, it interferes with my health, and sleep.  Mr. Dockery is one of the most beloved members at this LA Fitness location, 11520 S. Marshfield, Chicago, Illinois, 60643. He has recruited members and encouraged many to stay during difficult times of retention for LA Fitness without recieving any acknowledgements or rewards. This public humiliation by one of LA Fitness' representatives, whose first day at this location, was set up to make an example of someone. His aggression, rudeness, and power bullying cannot be a part of the professionalism that LA Fitness claim in their advertisements.

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