Nipsey Hussle statue on Crenshaw Blvd/Slauson Ave

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This is a call for LA Councilman Harris-Dawson to place a statue on Crenshaw and Slauson. Also, outside of The Marathon Clothing Store. Nipsey Hussle was a community icon, entrepreneur, father, brother and son. When you mention the name Nipsey Hussle in the city of Los Angeles most will talk about the man then the music. Nipsey Hussle challenged the Crenshaw District as a whole to get off the streets, deter young men from joining a gang and to level up (become successful) in whatever you called success. Nipsey Hussle will always be remembered for his selfless effort to recreate not only his community, but also the images of the thousands of people that come from his community.  That alone cemented Nipsey Hussle as an Los Angeles icon. With that being said, I am asking that not only the city of  Los Angeles sign this petition but all over the country of the United States Of America.

In honor of a community icon. 

Please call or email Councilman Harris-Dawson to let him know you support this effort.