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LA City Tax Payers opposed to LA City Attorney spending tax $$ on workshop investigation

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This petition is signed not only by industry professionals (actors, producers, directors, casting directors, et al) but local LA City tax payers who are disgruntled, offended and outraged that the LA City Attorney Mike Feuer is spending our tax dollars on an overreaching investigation of the workshop industry.

As actors and industry professionals residing here in Los Angeles,  we want to present our side of the issue.

There are workshops that are solely dedicated to the experience being an educational one.  The required disclaimer is always there making it clear that there is no guarantee of job, audition or employment. On several occasions, these workshops send emails to members saying: “Our classes are for educational purposes only. If you are here to get a job ~ this is NOT the place for you”. This was also posted on their calendars.  Therefore, there is no violation of the Krekorian Act.

In this 2-3 hour classroom setting, industry professionals give invaluable information such as how their offices work, how they run their auditions, what personal things they like and don't like that actors do "in the room", what it takes to get the job, as well as how to best deliver a performance on the set that compels them to remember you.  In these classes, actors  get to see fellow actors doing their work which is one of the most educational parts of the process. Actors can learn volumes from each other. 

In addition: An actor is given the opportunity to flex the audition muscle in a session that simulates an audition. The guest gives feedback, redirect, and/or what might have been missing in the character or script ~ It is invaluable. Auditioning is the actors lifeline to a career!

We are not disputing the Krekorian Act. It is the law. The issue is the way the enforcement is being handled. Rather than meet with workshop owners to explain the law and make sure workshop owners understand it and follow it , the City DA sends letters with threats of $10,000 fines and/or 6 months imprisonment to casting directors who participate.

If this law is fairly enforced across the board, then in a scenario where a doctor teaching at USC hires into his practice a student who has shown outstanding potential, he would be breaking the law. The student paid tuition for classes like actors pay a fee for classes. The Doctor is paid to teach, therefore, his employment of a student would be illegal according to this law. There is NO difference. However, the LA City Attorney is not investigating this, or sending letters to collegiate instructors telling them that they would be fined $10,000 if they hire students upon graduation. Aren’t laws made for everyone? Why is our industry being singled out. A law is a law!

We understand the LA City Attorney & this law is attempting to protect actors, 99% of which are adults and in charge of their choices and their wallets. The truth is, actors could not get this information in any other venue. The classes cost actors as little as $25 if they choose their venue wisely - a very affordable investment in their career!

While there may be places that do NOT follow the rules; the LA City Attorney's recent campaign is aimed at punishing the Industry in general. Is it normal for the LA City Attorney's office to go after businesses with such blanket accusations? This campaign has tarnished actors, workshops, and Casting Directors in general.

This petition is in support of workshops, schools, Casting Directors, industry professionals and actors who have the right to make these career choices providing the law is followed! This venue is an important tool for actors' careers.  Actors have every right to be professionally proactive! It is important that our voice on this issue is heard.

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