"La Casa de Los Famosos" must NOT be on air as it promotes violence and lack of humanity

"La Casa de Los Famosos" must NOT be on air as it promotes violence and lack of humanity

July 11, 2022
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Started by Rosa Martinez

To NBC & Sponsors of "La Casa de Los Famosos"

We live in a society where more people are fighting for inclusion, equality, and diversity. Every day more allies join us to fight against bullying, racism, abuses, discrimination, and defamation -- all types of violence that manifest hate and the false superiority of other people either by skin color, gender, and/or social class, for instance. Nowadays, our Hispanic Community (and other minorities) is pointed out and judged, leading us to be victims and survivors of violence and hate. Unfortunately, we have witnessed, felt deeply, and lost so many lives in massacres like Pulse, Stoneman Douglas High School, and Uvalde School - to mention some (there have been 304 mass shootings only in SCHOOLS since 2010). Unfortunately, we have witnessed the death of so many Afro-Americans brothers and sisters, and phrases like "I can't breathe" (George Floyd), as slowly our brother stopped breathing, will live in our minds and hearts forever. But with our hearts broken, we still stand up to fight. 


We live in an era where many important movements exist to raise awareness -- like MeToo, Black Lives Matter, and many others that support the LGBTQ community, and raise awareness about Mental Health (for instance). We live in an era where artists have the blessing of using the visual arts to promote messages of love, empathy, equality, inclusion, and acceptance. We, artists, are taught the importance of our job AND the impact it might have on the audience. We are taught how our decisions and creative minds can CHANGE someone's life -- for good or bad, relive or destroy lives. 


There is much evidence of what it's stated here:


"La Casa de Los Famosos," is a reality show where even the hosts, Jimena Gallego and Hector Sandarti, have expressed many times that it's a family show. Its structure is focused on 16-17 celebrities that have to live together while the audience watches them "24/7." Then, every week the audience "votes" to eliminate one of the habitants. That's what Telemundo wants to sell as part of their marketing. 


BUT -- votes are just a mask to disguise what is really happening: manipulation by the production.




What the audience sees in the 24/7 cameras, it's NOT what the production shows in their galas. The production manipulates the context of videos to defame the participant THEY want to kick out of the house (eliminate). Their manipulation has also escalated to the point of posting, on their official social media accounts, content that points to the people they don't want in the house AND content that incites bullying. For instance, they posted a picture of one of the participants and it was written "Vote for her (to get her out of the house), and they also posted a picture of another participant with a laughing face and it was written: "the man of the plants exist." By doing this, the production hides all racism, abuses, hate, and discrimination that their favorites manifest.


Participants like Daniela Navarro, Salvador Zerboni, Rafael Nieves, Julia Gama, Mayeli Alonso, Laura Bozzo, Brenda Zambrano, Luis "Potro" Caballero, and Eduardo Rodriguez have expressed racists comments towards Lewis Mendoza, a Dominican (person of color). What has the production done about it? Nothing positive. They have laughed and JUSTIFIED racism, even allowing racist comments in the galas. They have hidden racism (not showing anything related to racism in the galas nor speaking about it). On the contrary, they edited a video showing the reaction another participant, Osvaldo Rios, had because of a RACIST comment, and, in the gala, the production said it was his reaction because he was mocking Laura Bozzo for her age — TOTALLY WRONG, clearly hiding racism and taking advantage of it. The production has expressed how these nefarious people are their favorite -- to the point of Jimena saying Daniela is the perfect woman. Someone who points at another person because of their skin color??? Is that what we want to teach our kids??? Whom do these racists believe they are and WHY are they working for Telemundo (or any studios)? We are the HISPANIC COMMUNITY -- a community that is identified by diversity --- 'somos de todo tipo de colores.' 


For many weeks, the production has hidden and supported: complots (participants can't agree on who they're going to nominate), derogatory comments towards women, discriminatory comments towards a different religion, verbal abuse towards a survivor perpetrator of domestic violence (when the rehabilitation process is long, painful and requires a lot of determination), psychological abuse towards a woman in her 70's (gaslighting), malicious plans that involve taking advantage of kids with cancer to gain the sympathy of the audience. For weeks, the production has been involved in mocking two of the participants, Nacho Casano and Lewis Mendoza because another participant, Ivonne Montero, said maybe they're gays because of their beautiful friendship. We just were celebrating Pride Month and Telemundo made a campaign of support --- was it a FAKE CAMPAIGN??? 


The production and participants in the galas have also been involved in bullying Nacho because he's VEGAN, an introvert who doesn't want to socialize with those who even have said to his face that they don't like him, those people who are also the ones saying racists, derogatory, discriminatory, and abusive comments towards his friends. A participant that has given us (the audience) the best smart chats and poetry, and avoids conflicts. But the production wants so badly to manipulate the audience that they have even called him (on international TV) a psychopath, a sociopath, and Ted Bundy -- this last comment being disrespectful towards his image AND towards all victims/survivors of rape, AND induce anxiety in survivors who suffer from PTSD, directly or indirectly, mocking a serious experience like it’s being raped, and murdered. The production and participants in the galas are so uneducated to not UNDERSTAND a psychopath and a sociopath are two DIFFERENT things. Leaving aside that this is defamation AND that, psychologically speaking, Nacho doesn’t portray any of the characteristics to identify him as any of those — this production is even raising the stigma about MENTAL HEALTH. Rafael Nieves even said that "Nacho was one chromosome away from being a sociopath." People with an additional (or extra) chromosome are people with Down Syndrome and are characterized by being lovely and without malice. 


Are we going to reject and mock people just because they’re different from us?? 


Not being satisfied, Telemundo is now promoting hate towards Nacho saying he's a misogynist. What happened? Ivonne said he and Lewis are gays and even offered her to do a trio. Then she retracted and said she was joking. Then, she again made those comments, speculating about their sexuality. The three of them were having dinner, and he asked her why she was speculating about his sexuality (many times he has expressed that he's straight). She replied" I saw it like that," for what he replied: "so, I can speculate that you, for instance, are a prostitute... may I?" She replied: "it's not the same." First, a misogynist is a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women. He has had impeccable behavior towards women inside and outside the house (search him, you'll see). Second, STOP supporting toxic feminism. We, women, want equality ---- not to be superior, to crush men. Why can she say anything, but when he uses speculation as an example of her behavior (using the same tool she used), then he's a misogynist? Again, what are we teaching our children? There are many boys and men victims and survivors of abuse AND false claims. Why is Telemundo promoting toxic feminism that leads to allowing abuse and discrimination towards the male gender?


Incidentally, the production allows, hides from the galas, and supports that participants, such as Salvador, Daniela, and Laura, refer to other participants as prostitutes, whores, who go from bed to bed, and use her daughter to gain sympathy from the audience. They have also allowed mockery towards Natalia, a survivor of domestic violence, AND showed in the galas how Salvador felt “sexually abused” when Osvaldo kissed him, but hid the fact that Salvador alongside Daniela and Rafael planned to say that to gain sympathy from the audience — a behavior so disrespectful towards real victims and survivors of sexual abuse -- taking their experiences, their suffering, as a tool to take advantage for their benefits.


Why the production even hides all the times that Daniela has taken the name of God to make her misdeeds? They criticized and disrespected Niurka for her religion (Santerismo) and pointed at her on all of their platforms as a witch who was performing spells to attack participants -- but they allow disrespectful behaviors toward God. 


The irony is that the production also has participants in the galas commenting about Nacho and others inside the house --- participants that there is much evidence that proves they're bullies, racists, misogynists, slanderers, and perpetrators -- even evidence of their behavior in situations outside this show. And those participants are always right and respected by hosts like Jimena Gallego, Hector Sandarti, Veronica Bastos, and Jorge Bernal.


How is it that the good is seen as bad, but we hide the bad to GLORIFY it?? 


The production has lied to create different plots from reality, and protect the "artists" that certainly DON’T represent our Hispanic community —- especially artists in film and television here in the USA that are trying to be the voice for our Hispanic community. 


There are also many videos in the 24/7 where Daniela tells Julia and Rafael to contact her brother who works for Telemundo, and that if they (her group) wanted Niurka Marcos out, they just needed to send both of them to the Zoom (that's the room where people get eliminated) -- and, it happened, Niurka was eliminated alongside Daniela. There are many videos where Daniela says to her group that she's receiving help from the 'generala' and the production. There are other videos where Daniela talks to the camera saying that she's not a racist and that she's only joking. How does she know that the audience calls her a racist? But, that's not all, she said Friday night that the 'jefa' (the boss) told her that there were people who voted to nominate her on Thursday (she’s not nominated this week, so clearly she’s not supposed to know that information). How ethical is this production that the rules only apply to some participants, while other participants receive special benefits like information? In addition, the galas are so manipulated that sometimes they show context that happened days or weeks ago. For instance, every Tuesday there's a leader test. On a Wednesday, the production showed a video where supposedly Nacho, Lewis, and Juan Vidal were manipulating Tony Costa before he won the leader test (on Tuesday). In the video, Osvaldo was present lying on his bed, BUT he was eliminated on Monday (that is, the day before when this conversation supposedly happened --- truth was the conversation was from Sunday). Clearly, once again and again, mocking the audience and showing they’re a fraud.


Why mock the audience and allow violence? Because of raiting? Didn't the production realize this audience is not the audience other reality shows like Jersey Shore and Acapulco Shore have?


WHAT DO WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO LEARN? They are watching. Their brains are absorbing and seeing how it's ok to be a bully, racist, abuser, to discriminate, to hate, to steal, to lie, to denigrate women, but, at the same time, how it's ok to feel superior to boys and men. Then, they go to school, or anywhere, and will give others what it's in their hearts. 


This show must not be on air. We are fighting hard to eradicate violence -- not to feed it.


Every studio needs to KNOW its audience. Telemundo certainly doesn't, allowing negative behaviors and situations that feed injustices, hate, and violence, and induce anxiety in their audience. While many studios protect their cast, crew, and audience, even firing cast and/or crew members that express hate and violence in any form, Telemundo doesn’t care AND supports nefarious people -- not even equally protecting the artists they hired to work for them. This is not MTV (with its reality shows). This is Telemundo, a completely different audience. This show is definitely not for kids. Telemundo does not measure the consequences of its actions.


“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” - Voltaire


It is grotesque to see a studio like Telemundo supporting abusers, racists, and slanderers. By promoting (allowing) violence, Telemundo is opening the doors to other shows (like "Sin Censura," "La Mesa Calienta," and "Suelta la Sopa") and civilians (the audience) to bully and express hate towards people that have given us what we really want to watch --- healthy jokes, friendship, loyalty, empathy, equality, smart talks, poetry, among other positive vibes. People who even, outside the house, are involved in helping others -- like kids with cancer and providing food to those who don't have access to it, even during the Pandemic. Imagine getting back home to turn on the TV and watch the toxicity that you're tired of. Films and TV are an escape, not a prison.


To NBC & all Sponsors: we, the audience, implore you to stop supporting "La Casa de Los Famosos" and everyone involved in this production. As artists, it is important to reevaluate what we offer to the audience. This show only feeds many types of violence and hate. We, the Hispanic Community, the audience of Telemundo, reject what this show represents.  


While we’re fighting to make our Hispanic community be respected and treated equally, how are we going to allow violence within our community? 


The world needs light. Our kids need values and love.


"In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.” - Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn



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