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L & H Distributing Company Inc.: Stop Supporting Horse Abuse


This petition is designed to spread awareness of the training practices that currently take place in the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry, specifically involving show horses at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in Shelbyville, Tennessee. In August 2013 this particular equine show took place with thousands of spectators present. Once again, a display of horrific animal suffering and abuse that is endured by hundreds of Tennessee walking horses was “celebrated.” L & H Distributing Co., Inc. was pleased to partner with the event. Signing this petition is a symbol of your awareness and concern for the welfare of the horses presently in distress.

Why should you sign this petition?

The National Celebration horse show is an equestrian event that thousands of spectators attend every year at the end of August. The “Big Lick” competition continues to fascinate audiences who are unaware of the torture behind their entertainment. What exactly is the “Big Lick?” It is an unnatural high stepping gait that is performed by the trained show horses which attracts a large audience seeking to observe the highest stepping horse. The secret behind the unusual high step involves a recipe of pain, suffering, and endless abuse. It is called “soring,” which literally means to create sore areas on the front legs of a horse, mainly in the ankle and hoof region. The sore area of the horse’s ankle is achieved by the direct application of caustic chemicals to the skin, such as kerosene or diesel fuel. Next, the chemical is absorbed into the horse’s skin with the use of a baking technique that requires wrapping plastic around the chemically treated ankle. After the skin along the top of the ankle is suitably “sore,” a metal chain is placed over the sensitive sore area and every step the horse will take from this point forward is accompanied with a shockingly painful slam of a chain onto a sore ankle. The horses respond to the pain by taking an exceptionally high step. Welcome to the world of horse soring. The desired high step has been amusing audiences at the Celebration Horse Show for 75 years and counting.

Sorry Celebration Horse Show, you can no longer hide the horse abuse that occurs in the Walking Horse Industry behind your long coattails. Horses continue to suffer from painful soring practices purely to entertain, but it is time to put an end to this shameful southern tradition.  Refusing to stand behind the companies that sponsor the Celebration will stop businesses from considering an upcoming relationship with the event. In addition, industries presently supporting the show may want to reassess current financial involvement in response to how poorly their decision is reflecting on the image of their company’s values. Without sponsors funding the event, the show will be unable to afford future operation and the cruel practice of soring horses can begin to see an end. 

Source: Humane Society

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