Justice for Kenyan Orphan children

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GREGORY HAYES DOW a convicted sex offender who molested his daughter from a previous marriage, moved to Kenya with his family to operate an Orphanage named Dow’s Children Home in Kapsiratet Boito, Bomet County Kenya from 2008-2017.  They went as missionaries through LifeGate Church based in Elizabethtown Pennsylvania. On September 11, 2017, two girls escaped from the orphanage to tell the local town residents of abuses that were taking place in the orphanage. Local authorities were immediately alerted about the incident.  Upon further investigation, more victims confirmed and corroborated the many allegations which included physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. When the police arrived at the Dow’s Children’s Home on September 14th, the Dows had since fled. Greg Dow had managed to catch a flight out of Nairobi to Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, his wife Mary Rose was caught in a nearby town and arrested and kept in custody without bail for 5 months due to being a flight risk. In January 2018 she was sentenced in Sotik court and found guilty of two counts of cruelty to a child because she aided the insertion of family planning (birth control) for female child orphans.

Gregory Dow is currently free in the United States,  though a warrant of arrest was issued by the Kenyan authorities and forwarded to Interpol for his extradition. However, due to the nature of his crimes and his ability to evade the Kenyan authorities previously, we are asking for him to be tried here. He committed these sexual crimes as a US citizen with support and donations American churches. Therefore, we believe we have enough evidence to have him tried in the US and face the full extent of the law for his actions. We are asking all people to sign this petition to have the U.S District Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania to investigate and charge Gregory Dow for  “illicit sexual conduct in foreign places” in front of a federal jury. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve justice for the victims and orphans that were traumatized in the Dow Children’s Home.

Watch Janice Jenkins, Greg Dow’s ex-wife, recount his sexual crimes against their daughter, other female children, and family friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Lf-t_rGsfs&t=273s