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Punish those who abuse the animals in Kuwait

GREAT NEWS!!! 25 September 2012 - read about Jack, one of these 2 kittens, he survived and happily living with his new family

This street cat's eye was poked intentionally by one of the cleaners in our building. Our neighbor witnessed it and went to the police station but nothing was done as she claims. There is no animal rights organization or any authority in Kuwait that protects the animals from those who harm or want to harm them. This cleaner is still working in our building.

The kitten? Died after a long battle with fever and infection at the vet's......


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Punish those who abuse the animals

Because killing, hurting or torturing an animal is a crime and the criminal must pay for the crime he/she commits. Because there is a Friday Market full of animals in terrible conditions and nobody can do anything to help them. Because our building cleaner pokes the eyes of the street kittens and nobody know who they can call to stop this guy from doing so. Because a lot of dog owners tether their dogs in the sun in kuwait's harsh climate and no one can interfere to help or take the dog away from him/her. Because it's about time animals are treated humanely as creatures that feel pain and not as things without feelings.


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