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Close down the Animal Friday Market

The Animals Friday Market in Kuwait is an open market where all the animals sold are from puppy mills, backyard volume breeders, stolen pets and smuggled exotic illegal animals.

Needless to say their sellers do not really care about their well-being but instead about how much money they can make out of them. Those who don't make it through the day, are thrown into the garbage bin - dead or still alive ...


5 June 2012:

Please sign and share, the animals in Kuwait really need your help to apply international media pressure and cause embarrassement to the authorities, there is really no other way to change anything since laws are not enforced.

See this poor horse's condition found by activists in Kuwait who was just dumped in the sun. It is just heartbreaking and the owner did not want to provide medical care or put it down. Simply a heartless person

Thank you for your help so much.

Mar 2012:

Because animals are kept in terrible life threatening conditions in Kuwait's harsh climate with no ac. Puppies wet and dirty and most infected with parvovirus, along with cats are all put in small bird cages hardly having space to move. Chicks with no water, dyed in different colors with God knows what dying material. Rabbits, turtles and hamsters 20 - 40 of them put together in a box 50cm x 70cm!! Animals there are suffering horribly before dying EVERY DAY!

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