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Save Seymour Animal Shelter

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The ceiling of the Seymour Animal Shelter recently fell in - the volunteers had to fix the leak themselves so it wouldn't spread and have the whole thing cave in on the sheltered animals. The Seymour Public Works Department notified Animal Control Officer Deborah Ice that they were too short on people to clean up the mess. Finally after public outrage of letters and emails, Town Hall sent someone to the shelter after 7 days. By then the leak was fixed by volunteer Jovani.

The ceiling is still not fixed.

First Selectman of Seymour W. Kurt Miller told Ice that he is not putting a dime into the shelter and that the town will plan to use the small building for storage.

The Seymour Animal Shelter saves roughly 75+ animals a year. People like the shelter as it serves our community to keep roaming animals off the street. People and children both do community service here. Ice also has a food bank for any residents that are struggling.

We need your help in this petition to demand a renovation of the Seymour Animal Shelter. If the shelter was shut down, it would be a terrible loss to not only for the community of Seymour but more importantly, the sheltered dogs and kittens that are still waiting for their forever home.

You can also view an article on this published by the New Haven Register.


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