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Abolish/Amend the Rule that States Students and Employees Cannot Back into a Parking Space

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As of recently (Fall 2017 I believe), Kennesaw State University has implemented a new parking rule which states

"[KSU] requires everyone to park with their vehicle license plate visible from the drive lane in order to efficiently scan license plates. We ask all permit holders that do not have front and rear license plates to please refrain from backing into spaces."

Additionally, the rules state

"Once you have made your parking lot/deck selection, new technology allows your vehicle’s license plate to serve as your parking permit. Unless you have a state-issued front license plate, your vehicle must be parked with the back license plate facing the parking aisle in order for our truck-mounted scanners to read your plate (permit)."

Much like how KSU TRIED to regulate how students could and could not use their own meal swipes at The Commons, students(and now employees) are being told how they can and cannot park their own vehicles in a parking space. As students, we pay mandatory parking fees if we want to park a vehicle on campus. As such, we should be able to decide which way we want to park in a parking space, much like we are now able to decide how to use our meal swipes. For example, I received a parking violation citation that stated my license plate was not visible. However, in order to issue the citation to the right vehicle/owner, the parking attendants have to read/scan your license plate, which they did to mine. The irony here is that they had to look at my license plate to get my license number to issue me a citation that my license plate was not visible.

Now I can understand issuing citations for illegally parking in the wrong area, expired permits or license plate tags, or being backed up against a wall or object that would make it practically impossible to read a vehicle’s license plate. But from what I can interpret from the rules, the only reason for having this rule is so that “truck-mounted” scanners can read the license plate. If that’s the case, then why can’t parking attendants simply just park and get out of the truck, if they are in one, and walk around the vehicles that are backed in and read/scan the license plate? Or if they are already on foot and walking around parking lots/decks, doing their usual job, it shouldn’t seem like such a big deal to simply check behind the vehicle for the license plate info if said vehicle is backed into the spot.

This ban on back-in parking is also a major safety concern. Now I’m not saying that pulling into a spot should be banned because it is unsafe; drivers should be able to choose how they want to park for themselves. But, back-in parking is a much more logically efficient and safer approach than pulling into a space. When you reverse into a parking spot, other drivers can see you and what you are doing and vice versa. Then, when you leave, since you are already facing the direction of travel, any potential for an accident will, for the most part, be in front of you making it easier to avoid causing an accident. However, if you pull in front-first, you have to back out into unknown traffic. Most of a vehicle’s blind spots are located behind it. Plus, any vehicles parked on either side of you would further reduce or block your line of site to any approaching traffic. Your field of view is severely limited and can cause you to fail to see any oncoming vehicles or pedestrians.  Most car accidents that take place in parking lots occur due to blindly backing out into another car or even a pedestrian. It's tough to back out quickly especially with all of the commuters, pedestrians, and traffic KSU receives. Personally, I find it is habit of mine to back into spots regardless of where I am. It seems most logical that backing into spots and then pulling out to leave is both safe and efficient.

What this petition boils down to is that this rule about pull-in parking only so your license plate can be visible from the lane of traffic is illogical and must be abolished or changed. KSU should not be able to control how students and employees park their own vehicles, much like they tried to with meal swipes. And although back-in is fairly safer than pull-in parking, we(students who pay tuition, as well as employees) should be able to choose how we want to park, regardless of the orientation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this petition.


Matthew Strotman

*Here are some websites that discuss back-in vs. pull-in parking, non-traffic accident statistics, and other information I used to help myself when writing this petition.

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