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KSL NBC: Don't Censor Gay Families! Show "The New Normal" on Your Channel

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We live in a country where our personal freedoms are supposed to be valued. The local NBC affiliate in Utah, KSL, is trying to ban a TV show that starts this fall called The New Normal. It is about a gay couple trying to have a baby, and KSL claims that the show is too offensive. Can you sign my petition against their censorship?

Discrimination on this level should not be allowed or accepted. I have some family members who have decided they do not want their children around our cousin because of his "lifestyle choice." No, he is not a drug addict, alcoholic or criminal; he is gay. He is a kind, loving man who has been a pillar to our family and there is nothing wrong or offensive about him loving another man. We cannot sit back and accept discrimination like this.

My 8 year old son saw the previews for The New Normal during the Olympics and was very excited for the show. We feel it would be a great addition to our line up of family shows. As a responsible parent, I should have the right and power to choose what my family watches on television.

A national television channel, such as NBC, should not be censored by local, religiously-motivated affiliates. It is very disturbing that a church decides what we can or cannot watch on a national TV channel in this country. We should be able to create our own family values. Religion belongs on religious channels, not on NBC.

KSL needs to broadcast The New Normal at NBC's scheduled time and on NBC (channel 5).

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