Release Cyberpunk 2077 on Nintendo Switch™

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We, owners of Nintendo Switch™, want to be able to play the game in the way that is meant to be played. Everywhere we want.

Everybody on Switch loves to play their games on a bus, in a bed - just everywhere. All Switch gamers love this machine and we want to support devs that release games on it.The game is perfect for the Switch - it has deep gameplay, mature and storydriven content, with darker tone of the world - that is something Switch audience loves and buys a lot.

Switch  has everything for everybody, but cyberpunk games are not really a home for Switch. Of course, we recognise the work, that is needed to port the game to Switch - which is why we ask you to release Switch version alongside with other platforms. Younger people with Switch have a lot of games for them, thats why we ask CDP Red to port more mature games to Switch.

Please, CDP Red, release the game on Switch.

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