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Gaming: Shattered Galaxy needs one last reform

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Save Shattered Galaxy as a historic game for future generations!!

I write this petition as an older gamer from the beginning timelines of this game.  

Recently our classic ground of conquest has gotten a player resurgence and the community has began revival efforts and wish to do more, however how the game is currently programmed it is systematically barring our progress.  Currently new players start on the rookie planet relic, and while this is how the game has always been, with a player base of less than 400 we have problems keeping new players with an empty training planet.  Through open discussion we have found a few solutions, and ideas on how we could benefit the game and secure it for free open use, while being capable to make a background income source to pay for server maintenance and necessary observations.

I have listed the company's that historically have housed programming code and ask for a collaboration in maintaining a historic game that many platforms and attempts at mimicking have failed.   Through my own personal digging it appears that the code used to program the game might have become corrupt in old archives and no longer modifiable in some aspect and places, and thus it would be of great help for collaboration through multiple organizations.  Shattered Galaxy is a mass multiplayer real time squad based strategy game that immediately plays simply for casual players, while also having enough engagement for those who wish to go deep into unit and squad design.  We believe as a community that this game should be worked into a format that we as users can efficiently promote and maintain our own community and playerbase.


1.  Morgana Prime should be converted to a two faction map.
Because of the mercenary system that hero's can use to change factions, players can move to the loosing factions side.   Currently there is a three faction map, and two factions are populated and a third is the faction to mercenary to automatically because of low map control.    While this is currently a fine scenario, the ideal capability would be for a two faction map specifically to be able to jump on the opponents side for promotion of gameplay.


2. EXP and stat systems should be unlocked and modified for elongated character progression not requiring reincarnation.
The EXP curve for division leveling should be lowered and exp gain barriers released permanently.  Every division level to 100 should give a stat point so those who spend dedicated time and effort to gain all levels can have a well versed character instead of being stuck on a max partition that exists for a game mechanic that is no longer being maintained server side.  Players should be able to unlock all capabilitys through time and effort in Shattered Galaxy

3. The creation of a web-browser based pay shop.
That I am aware, it would be a simple series of programming algorithms to allow for a pay shop to be created for Shattered Galaxy within a web browser, changing codes for specific registered characters.  (a extension of the current user system)
This would be used, while allowing current uranium purchase capabilitys to be unlocked, and allow other items to only be accessible through monetary expenditure.
In example:  Quorgs, Abominations, Wights, special units and abilitys still availble through uranium, while having a cash purchase option in the pay shop.
Unit Slots, Game master equipment for a timed period(nuclear condors, hybrid armor leviathans, Ex.), Stat points(if programming can not be modified for EXP curve), Fast hero permanent for a week, and possibly other benefits that would not change game mechanics but allow access to benefits for monetary exchange.  


4. Change the beginners mechanics.
(probably not doable, but worth mentioning)
Relic should be removed.  It is probably not possible but the programming for the player vs envoronment for relic (the bugs, and caves) should be moved to morgana prime to make it easier for experienced players to level new units, and new players to train with players that can teach them the ropes.   It also makes new players see the real game population when starting and not beginning in an empty planet.
If necessary its possible for having beginning players spawn in the space port with instructions to pledge to a new faction instead of changing the ending steps for player creation.


With those changes it is believed that we as a community will be able to promote and revive our game back to its former glory.
Thank you for your time
Sincerely, The undersigned

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