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Do NOT close our Ralphs Store #98 on La Sierra in Riverside, CA

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Please don't change our Ralphs into a Food for Less! Your corporate offices keep telling us it's the same thing. Well if it's the same, why are you changing it? We do not fit the Food for Less demographic. We are a higher income neighborhood. We don't want it! The Ralphs is a nice, clean store with excellent produce. We already have a Food for Less three miles away, we don't need another one. If it changes, we will be shopping at the Stater Brothers across the street. You will not convert me to a Food for Less customer for my daily shopping needs! Store at 3350 La Sierra Ave, Riverside CA 92503. — in Riverside, California.

There are plenty of people that use this store that will stop using this location if it is converted to a Food for Less. The economy of the area is on the up rise with new homes costing in the 400's -600's and higher end apartments being built. Currently, there is over 2000's homes in the area with household incomes at least $100,000. I can tell you that myself and my neighbors will not be using the Food for Less grocery store that Kroger is planning on exchanging with Ralphs. We will drive further to other grocery stores.

Our community and neighborhoods do NOT want a food 4 less. By putting a food 4 less will be a complete disaster to our area and you will completely down grade us. We are a community that will come together and fight this battle with Kroger. We will not give up this fight until you stop and keep it as a Ralphs store. You are NOT only hurting our community but destroying lives. You are putting jobs on the lines, which in return puts families and the place they call home in jeopardy. YOU SHOULD BE CREATING JOBS NOT TAKING THEM AWAY!!!! We will ban together as a community and NOT buy any Kroger product or shop in your stores if you change it to a Food 4 less. 

Ralphs offers the best customer service, food 4 less has no customer service. Ralphs offers better quality items, food 4 less has no quality items. Ralphs has a ton of organic produce, food 4 less has almost no organic produce. Ralphs has a ton of gluten free items, food 4 less has almost no selection. Ralphs has service departments, food 4 less does not. Ralphs has a pharmacy, food 4 less does not. Ralphs has quick check out, food 4 less has long lines with usually one lane open and everyone bags their own groceries......The list could go on......

Hopefully the point will be Taken. Ralphs is higher quality store that our area wants and only wants this store. If you choose to close it and bring in a Food 4 less you will lose a ton of business as your customers will no longer support Kroger products!!!!!

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