Arsenal Sponsors: Say No to Animal Hunting! #KroenkeOut

Arsenal Sponsors: Say No to Animal Hunting! #KroenkeOut

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Started by Rhys Brown

Arsenal's Majority Shareholder Stan Kroenke is actively promoting the slaughter of endangered animals in the wild. He has launched a TV channel dedicated to blood sports called MOTV. The channel will have regular hunting shows that depict and celebrate the killing of innocent animals including elephants and lions.

One presenter on the channel said “there is no feeling in the world like killing an endangered elephant”. Another presenter travels around Africa shooting animals with bows and arrows and letting them bleed to death. *

This is abhorrent and unethical, and it is something which cannot be associated with Arsenal Football Club.

Achieving #KroenkeOut won't be easy. But the sponsors of Arsenal football club have a huge amount of power, and I think with their help we can create change.

With this petition, our demands are simple:

  1. For Arsenal’s key sponsors: Emirates, Puma, Vitality to publically condemn Kroenke’s actions and call for him to stand down
  2. A meeting between the Arsenal Board, Key Sponsors to the club (including Emirates, Puma, Vitality etc), leading Animal Rights Charities and most importantly: representing members of the international fan bases regarding this situation

Sponsors Emirates, Puma and Vitality have all publicly said they stand against animal cruelty. How can they say this, and then give money to a club whose boss is celebrating and endorsing the killing of vulnerable animals and treating it as entertainment?

If we can show the most influential people in the club just how far reaching our disgust is at our owner and his complete disregard for everything we care about, then we have the potential to achieve change.

Please sign this petition, and together we can get our Arsenal back.

*The Independent

78,690 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!