Stop The Killing Of Mother Bears and Cubs In Alaska


Petition to support Proposal to protect Mother Bears and Cubs

I support the Alaska Chapter 1P Proposal to amend Alaska Administrative Code (5 AAC 92.260) in order to remove exceptions 1 and 2. I object to exceptions 1 and 2 in 5 AAC 92.260 which allows for the taking of bear cubs and female bears with cubs.

I will NOT engage in tourism activities in the State of Alaska until that Alaska Administrative Code is amended to remove such exceptions. A person should not be permitted to take the life of a cub bear nor a female bear accompanied by a cub, without exception.

I request the Board of Game to accept this Proposal for change.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Interior Region
    Nissa Pilcher
  • Southcentral Region
    Sherry Wright
  • Southeast Region Northern
    Lena Gilbertson
  • Southern
    Jessalynn Rintala
  • Western Region
    Jen Peeks
  • Southwest Region
    Taryn O'Connor–Brito -
  • Executive Director, Board of Game
    Kristy Tibbles

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