Help Stop the Sale of Puppies and Kittens in Orangeville Pet Stores!

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Orangeville needs to stop the selling of dogs and cats from pet stores for profit. Toronto as well as many other surrounding cities (Oakville, Vaughn , Mississauga, Brampton, Ottawa, London, Markham, Cambridge, Richmond Hill, ) have banned the sale of cats and dogs  from pet stores for profit .  In order to reach this objective we need a show of support through this petition so we can take it to town council to create a bylaw. Many local pet stores now focus on helping adopt out animals from local shelters which helps to minimize the prevelance  of animal overpopulation. Often animals are adopted out from pet stores unhealthy having been sourced from mills and unethical breeders which creates a huge financial burden on the consumer. This is not only an animal welfare issue but a consumer protection issue and a public health/disease prevention issue! Purchasing from pet stores acts to perpetuate the problem of this cruel industry.  I recently adopted a puppy from a local pet store in Orangeville that came home suffering with two parasites (giardia and coccidiosis) and ear infections . Giardia is highly contagious and can be spread to both animals AND people. This puppy was housed in a small, dark cage with his brother. I have spoken to countless residents of orangeville who have had similar experiences or worse. We need a bylaw to stop the for profit sale of cats and dogs in Orangeville. This needs to be prevented in current and future stores.   Please sign this petition and we will stop this together . Thank you .