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Do not allow Elephant Walk at this year's fair or any future fairs.

Elephant Walk is scheduled to bring in two elephants to the 2012 Bristol Renaissance Faire: Topsy and Annette. This year, a news article stated that Topsy tested positive for TB while performing with Piccadilly Circus. After our complaints, EW said they would not bring in Topsy, but offered no information about the elephant they will be using. Most likely it will be Annette, who probably has been exposed to TB through her contact with Topsy.

TB is contagious and can be transmitted between elephants and humans.

Elephants should not be used for entertainment. They are wild animals with needs that can never be met while be hauled in trucks, being chained hours per day, and being forced to perform or being ridden day in and day out.

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  • Entertainment Director, Bristol Renaissance Fair
    Kristin Mansour

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