More than 50 dogs found dead, killed by Avenija MB. Demand this genocide to stop now!

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More than 50 dogs, almost all of them young puppies up to 3 months old, were found dead on August 1st, near the city of Kraljevo, Serbia. Only 15 more were barely still alive and rescued but 3 of them have died since then. What will happen to those who survived is still unknown because they have been starving for days and are very weak. A Belgian shepherd and a pit bull were also found at the same location as all of those puppies.

This despicable and heinous crime was discovered by the local public shelter's crew. Those men say that this was not the first time they found similar horrific scenes in the same area but was definitely the worst one. Even though abandoning pets is quite a common thing in Serbia it is impossible for any individual to dispose like trash of this number of dogs. Locals couldn't do it, nor the people who were driving the busy road nearby the wasteland where the dogs were found. So, it is obvious that there is only one firm to blame and that would be Avenija MB, known by their evil deeds not only in Serbia, but even abroad as well.

Kraljevo is the first town in Serbia who founded a ''no kill' public shelter more than 15 years ago and started a CNR program. Local authorities had full understanding and were ready to start solving the problem of stray dogs in the city. Since then, there were a few ups and downs but people who work in Kraljevo's public shelter always did their very best to help abandoned and abused dogs. However, many of their efforts as well as the money the local city council invested in CNR were wasted because of Avenija MB, a private firm that is located about 20 km south of Kraljevo. It is a firm that catches dogs in 60 counties in Serbia. Some of those dogs die in Avenija's shelter, some are often released at the streets of Kraljevo and the others are many times just left at the locations as the one that was discovered yesterday to die there without any food and exposed to very high summer temperatures (or cold winters).

Avenija MB is literally performing genocide of a kind towards dogs in Serbia and that is a several years problem that troubles animal lovers and people who fight for their rights in Serbia. It also hurts people who are afraid of stray dogs because, no matter how hard Kraljevo's public shelter and local authorities try, it is not possible to solve the problem of that many abandoned dogs from other towns and counties that Avenija MB is simply shipping to this town. Of course, the solution won't be to find another place for Avenija to release abandoned dogs, it is to stop its work for good.

All Serbian societies for animal protection are united in their fight against Avenija MB but they haven't achieved much because the owner of Avenija is a person very close to the Serbian government.

Kraljevo's local society for animal protection ''Spaske'' is doing its best to provide homes at least for the 12 puppies that are still alive but it is running out of space, food and money. This society needs every help it can get to pay for vaccines and vet care, as well as for the private shelters for those little ones since puppies cannot survive in the public shelter (because the public shelter isn't a canine distemper-free zone). Please, if you can, help ''Spaske'' at ( Also, please, write to Kraljevo’s local authorities and make them finally deal with Avenija MB, make them shut it down. Tell about those terrible crimes to societies for animal protection in your countries and ask them to help in any way they find fit. Thanks to ''Spaske'' and devoted workers of the Kraljevo's public shelter, the whole world can now find out about this tragedy and let us all do more than just crying for those poor dogs.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!