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Photos of animal testing labs are horrifying. Hundreds of silent rabbits have chemicals dripped into their eyes for hours at a time. Guinea pigs with their fur shaved have harsh chemicals rubbed into their skin. When the testing is over, these animals are disposed without a thought.

Last year, after seeing a post about animal testing on Facebook and doing some research, I made a conclusive decision to only buy products from companies that don’t conduct tests. It’s hard to do, since most Japanese cosmetics manufacturers still test on animals.

But in early March, I heard great news -- Shiseido, the largest Japanese cosmetics brand, committed to end animal testing for their products except in countries where its legally required. Just days later, Mandom also announced they will no longer test on animals.

I decided to start this petition because I want Kose to join Shiseido and Mandom in ending animal testing. I would love to be able to buy stuff from Kose again. They make less expensive cosmetics like Sekkisei, Esprique, and Visee that are sold in convenience stores and made for younger women like me. They’re also the third-biggest cosmetics manufacturer in Japan and I think their action will influence other companies to do the right thing.

In response to JAVA’s 2011 survey, Kose said they already minimize testing and wrote that they “look forward to the day when all animal testing can be discontinued.” But when I called the customer service line recently, Kose told me they don’t yet have a specific deadline for when they will end all animal testing.

On their website, Kose’s President Mr. Kazutoshi Kobayashi writes, “Real beauty is not just about appearances. ” I couldn’t agree more -- real beauty shouldn’t cost the lives of animals.

Please join us in asking Mr. Kobayashi and Kose to follow Shiseido’s lead, and commit to a specific date when they will ban animal testing for their products!

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Letter to
President, Kose Corporation Mr. Kazutoshi Kobayashi
I have just signed a petition on asking Kose to commit to a ban on animal testing.

First, I want to thank you for the steps Kose has already taken to minimize animal testing and your company’s continued engagement and investment on alternative testing methods.

As you know, in early March 2013, Shiseido and Mandom committed to end animal testing.

I hope you will follow their lead and commit publicly to a specific date by which Kose will ban animal testing. As the third largest cosmetics manufacturer in Japan, your action will influence other companies to also step up and do the right thing.

Thank you for your time.

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