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Save the mommy dog from being cooked!

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Nami Kim and Melisa Baek of SaveKoreanDogs, recently found a Korean food restaurant which breeds dogs to cook for their guests and themselves or sell them to the dog trader truck which regularly comes around to the village.  The place is called "Sister Restaurant (자매식당)" and it's located in Ilsandong-gu District in Goyang.  There are witnesses in the neighborhood to testify to this fact.  They had a mother dog with 7 puppies.

In South Korea, killing and eating dogs is illegal.  Nami and Melisa were able to negotiate with the restaurant owner to surrender the 7 puppies to them, but the restaurant owner refuses to surrender the mommy dog.  They must be planning to breed her again or cook her.  Therefore, we are asking the restaurant owner to surrender the mother dog immediately to the SaveKoreanDogs rescuers and to stop the illegal breeding, killing and selling of dogs and dog meat. 

Click for photos of the mommy dog and her 7 puppies:

Nami Kim is currently fostering the 7 puppies.  They are all vaccinated, health-checked and doing well without their mommy.  With your help and support, the SaveKoreanDogs team hope to rescue the mommy dog soon, before the end of the year, so that the family will be reunited.  

Click for the update with photos of the 7 puppies rescued:

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Goyang City Homepage:

Goyang Ilsandog-gu District Homepage:

고양시 자매식당에서 보신탕용으로 기르고 있는 어미개가 강아지 7마리를 출산했습니다. 강아지들은 세이브코리안도그에서 모두 무사히 구해냈지만, 어미개는 식당에서 양도를 거부하고 있습니다. 개식용은 불법입니다. 어미개를 살려주세요! 

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