Keep the Rose of Sharon serving Canadian-Korean elderly

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The Rose of Sharon Korean Long Term Care has been in a court appointed receivership since 2011 and in early February, we were informed by the receiver that the Long-Term Care (LTC) facility will be sold to a for-profit operator which had submitted the highest bid.  You cannot imagine the disappointment of our community after raising $3.5 million in three months to participate in this bidding process.  

The seniors in the community, the Korean Canadian Cultural Association, Korean Senior Citizens Society of Toronto, HanCa Seniors Association, and various Church groups have now banded together to submit a petition to the Ontario government to stop the sale of the home to a for profit organization. 

The community is concerned that the bidding process did not fully consider the Korean community or the residents of the home. We want to advocate for the continued culturally specific services to the residents and also to over 150 Korean Canadians anxiously waiting on the wait list.

Although the receiver is informing concerned family members that the winning bidder "will" continue to provide such services, we believe the government has the obligation to set out the parameters of the terms and conditions of the license transfer. Moreover, we feel that the transfer of the license to a for-profit organization is not going to serve the needs of the community at large.

We therefore petition the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to

1) Exercise its discretion to stop the sale of Rose of Sharon Korean LTC to a profit organization

2) Immediately communicate to the Receiver the MOHLTC’s expressed preference that the Rose of Sharon LTC be sold to a not-for-profit operator with a vested interest in the well-being of all stakeholders, which includes the Korean-Canadian community and the current residents of the Rose of Sharon Korean LTC