City of Cheonan, S. Korea! Please crack down on the illegal trade of dogs for human consumption at the 'Cheonan 119 Pet Dog Auction Market' immediately!

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City of Cheonan, S. Korea! Please crack down on the illegal trade of dogs for human consumption at the 'Cheonan 119 Pet Dog Auction Market' immediately!

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Patricia Min started this petition to Member of National Assembly (Democratic Party)-Senior Advisor Myung-Sook Han 한명숙 민주당 상임고문 and

충청남도 천안시 성무용 시장님, 천안119애견경매시장에서의 처참한 불법 육견거래 엄중히 단속해주세요!

천안 망항로 불법 개사육과 도축장도 대학병원 바로 앞의 학교 정화구역안에 위치한 불법으로 활개를 치고 있읍니다.  하루속히 폐쇄해주세요!

Dear Mayor Seong Moo-Yong 천안시 성무용 시장님께,

I am shocked and horrified to learn and see the images of illegal and cruel trade of dogs for human consumption at the Cheonan 119 Pet Dog Auction Market in your city, Cheonan (220-24 Mokcheon-Eup, Unjeon-ri, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, S. Korea). Below are information, photos and videos from this market obtained undercover by brave animal rights activists of your country.

Also we learned about an illegal dog farm and slaughterhouse operating without any government restrictions in Cheonan Manghang-ro inside a School District Cleanup Zone.  This slaughterhouse is not only shamefully operating illegally but the passer-bys and the hospital patients are suffering because of the noises and the stench coming from this place.  Please shut this place down and punish the crimimals responsible immediately!  Below is the news report on this situation:

6.  대로변서 불법 개 사육에 도축까지…당국 뒷짐  (

Why do you allow this illegal trade of dogs for human consumption take place in this 'Pet Dog' Auction Market under your management?  Based on the statements by insiders at this market, "this is the largest auction market for dogs for human consumption in South Korea and 90% of the dogs traded here are sold for human consumption".  All sizes and breeds of dogs including Dosa mixes, Yellow dogs, Huskies, Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Greyhounds,....are traded in this market for their meat.  Your failure to act is a heinous crime to the animals and causes stress on Koreans who no longer wish to bear this shame and guilt.

You know that Article 2, Item 1 of Korea's Livestock Product Sanitary Control Act which governs the raising, slaughter and disposal of livestock and the processing, distribution and inspection of livestock products, does not categorize dogs as a livestock that can be processed as food which makes dog meat technically illegal.

Further, according to the Food Sanitation Act, Article 7, Clause 1, Korean Food Standards Codex specified by the Food and Drug Administration, dogs are not included in the list of raw materials that can be processed and cooked as food therefore making raising and slaughtering dogs for consumption illegal.

Below are just few of many violations of Animal Protection Law by this market and slaughterhouses in your city and many similar places around the country in South Korea:

In keeping, caring and protecting animals, everyone should recognize the following:
2. Animals should be free from the hunger and thirst.
5. Animals should be free from fear and stress.

① No one shall commit the following acts toward animals:
1. Act of killing by brutal methods, such as hanging
2. Act of Killing in public or in another animal’s presence
③ No one shall commit the following acts toward abandoned or abused animals:
1. Act of capture and sell or kill.
2. Act of trade or purchase knowing that the animals are abandoned or abused.

① Anyone transporting an animal that has been selected by decree from the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries must make an effort to abide by the following:
1. Ensure that the animals are properly fed, watered and drive carefully so that animals are not shocked or harmed from sudden departures or stops.
2. The vehicle used for transportation must be built to prevent any harm during transportation and to minimize any pain due to poor ventilation or sudden changes in temperature, etc.
4. Avoid any possible injuries while moving an animal and minimize any pain or discomfort, such as sudden changes in body temperature or difficulty in breathing.

In addition, according to the amendment to Animal Protection Law that just passed on July 2, animal transporters must not cause suffering to the animals and a fine of up to 1 million Korean won (approximately $900 USD) can be imposed for violations.

① Anyone who violates Article 8, Clause 1 through 3 shall be punished with up to one year in prison or a maximum fine of 10 million Korean won ($7,000 USD).

S. Korea is a democratic nation where your representatives are elected through a democratic process, therefore isn't it your responsibility as a citizen and especially as an official in the government to enforce the law to end this shameful and barbaric practice?  If the enforceable laws are not in place it is your responsibility to make sure they are enacted and enforced.

You say in your city's homepage that Cheonan means 'the best place to live in' and that it is a 'City of Loyalty' but the way your people treats these animals known for their fierce 'Loyalty' toward their human companion puts a real shame to the human race.  Cheonan will never be 'the best place to live in' or be one of the 'Top 100 Cities in the World for Quality of Life' as long as your government ignores this illegal and despicable injustice perpetrated against the most vulnerable members of your society.

Mahatma Gandhi  said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

 "한국가의위대함과도덕성은그나라의동물들이어떻게대우받고있는지를보면알수있다.” ~마하트마간디

Please enforce the law and crack down on the illegal trades of dogs for human consumption at the 'Cheonan 119 Pet Dog Auction Market' immediately!

Until then, we will not invest in or visit Cheonan and we will continue to boycott all S. Korean products and tourism.


Cheonan Homepage:
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Watch this 19 minute documentary about shockingly cruel world of South Korean dog meat industry:

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This petition had 33,589 supporters

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