No Scripting / Momentum in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 !

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The game we love since it was first out, the game which improves itself year after year, the game just feels like a real football match with graphics, animations, game modes but not with something called "momentum" with other saying "scripting". In Pes 2018, we, players, we can all feel it, in almost every mode, especially in Myclub that when we are in front or when playing against a weaker team or a low rated user, our team starts to play funny making impossible mistakes, conceding impossible goals, players avoiding the ball, not switching nearest player but the far one. Proven a billion times with Youtube videos and with experiences of lots of people.. We rage.. We are getting upset. We sometimes regret buying this game, still love more then Fifa series, but considering to play no longer. We don't care about original club names, league names, even the teams don't exist, we just need a fair game that good one wins, less good one loses, not always but often. We don't want game to interfere our playing. We don't want 60 overal keepers to turn into panthers when 85+ keepers make impossible misses, nearly every single match against low rated teams/users. People on the internet talks about that momentum thing leads people to buy coins, use microtransactions etc. I don't want to believe that. We pay money to you, only to play a fair football game to spend some quality time, not to rage, break controllers, yell and talk about all over the internet how the game behaves us wrong. I can promise you that you can outclass Fifa of the EA forever. What about it..? You will still have our money, but alongside, our heart. We don't ask much i believe. This side of the game leads players time waste and lag cheat too which makes the game almost impossible to play with fun, or just play.. Please KONAMI, hear us and do what's necessary..

PS(1): You can publish an update which removes scripting / momentum problems for Pes 2018 too, if possible.

PS2: We also need some more precautions and some real sanctions towards lag cheaters.