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Mission 51: Restore MGSV: TPP's Cut Content and Ending

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Critics and gamers alike agree that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a superb video game. A common criticism, however, and also new to the Metal Gear series, is the lack of story and an abrupt conclusion. It wasn't always like this, though: the final game has 50 main missions. During development, the game had at least one more mission. The mission we want, the mission we need, and the mission this petition intents to restore to the final game.

You can check out said mission here:
[SPOILERS for MGSV: The Phantom Pain!]

Mission 51. The conclusion that was removed. We all want it, and most of us accept it being a paid DLC. Konami knows it would generate profit were them to release it. We know we would buy it were it here. Hideo Kojima (the game's famous cretive director) is probably up for making it. It's a win-win scenario for consumers and developers/publisher alike.
A petition works better than, say, a popular thread on a Metal Gear subreddit such as , is because it can reach more people. Easy to view, easy to sign, easy to report, easy to become popular. We also know very popular people in the MGS community such as YongYea ( ) and Greg Miller ( have been vocal about this matter. They'd sign it, share it and this way, a petition is more prone to success.

Guys and girls, please, if you're dedicated to the MGS franchise, help me - no, us - make this a thing. Let Konami know what you want, and if the demand is big enough, not giving it to us would be a bad move for them. PLEASE, be nice while doing so: referencing recent controversies or calling them names would only make them more hesitant to listen to us. Please, be polite.

Now go, mes enfants terribles! And be the legend who brings this ending back to life!

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