Konami, please give us a Bomberman compilation

Konami, please give us a Bomberman compilation

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Lawrence VDP started this petition to Konami

I'm a gamer at heart, and while I mainly play current-gen titles, I have a soft spot in my heart for retro game series and their modern continuations. Think of all sorts of games by Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Konami, Namco, you name it. Since I don't have many old consoles, I mainly collect these titles by buying remake compilations. For example, my first true experience with PAC-MAN games was through Namco's (Sadly unlisted as of recently) PAC-MAN Museum on Steam. It's really cool how I can still experience these classics on my laptop, in a way that benefits the developers as well!

Unfortunately, some gems out there are still tedious to add to my library. And the series whose availability bugs me the most is Bomberman. Ever since I played some of the SNES titles on a retro game exhibition, I felt a "knack" with this pleasant series of well-made games. The Bomberman franchise is HUGE, and there is a lot to discover. But unfortunately, it's really hard to acquire these hits the legal way. Not just for me. But also for countless, countless, countless other Bomberman fans who do not own the required hardware and can't afford them either.

Several others have fixed this annoying situation by compiling their biggest hits into packages for modern platforms. Think of the various Mega Man Legacy Collections, the Namco Archives and PAC-MAN Museum, the Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics ... 

I believe it would be truly amazing if Konami could follow suit, and deliver us a compilation of the greatest Bomberman hits for modern platforms like Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X / S, the Switch ... Considering how beloved and acclaimed the Bomberman games are, I think this could turn up quite a profit for Konami on the other side of the ring, too.

Come to think about it. The fans win. Konami wins. Valve, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo win. This scenario appears truly advantageous for everyone. What this collection could be like -- and if it comes to be -- is all up to Konami, and they ultimately have the final say on the matter, but I still have some suggestions for this collection if it were to be real. These are by no means demands of any kind; they're just ideas, and wether Konami uses them or not is really up to them:

  • Many collections include more than just the games. Think of new achievements and unlockables just to give an example. Several of these collections become even more awesome than they already were by having all sorts of bonus content.
  • It would be really awesome if the Bomberman titles with multiplayer could truly be played with friends, just as they could in the old days. Think of online play, LAN play, and of course also local play.
  • If the game ends up reaching Steam -- which I personally would love and highly recommend -- I would love to see full controller support. Not everyone likes playing games with the keyboard, and for me, using controllers in games other than the FPS genre is almost standard procedure. Further additions like Achievements and Trading Cards could help generate more interest in the game and keep it lively for even longer. Steam Cloud support could prove useful, as it allows buyers to install the game on any PC they own while keeping their synced data.
  • There are a LOT of Bomberman games, and putting them in all in one compilation is of course unfeasable. But some games I would love to see in a collection would include:
    • The first two Bomberman games from 1983 and 1990
    • Bomberman II, '93 and '94
    • The Super Bomberman series
    • Bomber Man World
    • The Bomberman GB series
    • The Saturn Bomberman games
    • Pocket Bomberman
    • The Bomberman 64 games and Bomberman Hero
    • Bomberman Party Edition
    • The Bomberman Max series
    • Bomberman Online
    • Bomberman Kart
    • Bomberman Generation and Jetters (+ Jetters: The Legendary Bomberman)
    • The 2006 Bomberman game for PSP (Context for outsiders: It's literally just called "Bomberman")
    • Bomberman Blast, Ultra and Live: Battlefest
    • Bomberman Blitz

I am well aware that that is still a lot of games. Other developers sometimes fix this problem by splitting the collection (E. g. Namco Archive Vol. 1 & 2, the Mega Man Classic and X collections also consist of 2 parts each). This could be a solution if the large quantity of games proves a problem for Konami, but if sacrifices must be made, then so be it. 

Big tl;dr I, and likely so many countless others throughout the globe, would simply love to see a compilation (Or multiple thereof) of the Bomberman series on modern platforms, and it would be advantageous for everyone. Long live the Bomberman franchise!

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