Fix the New Yu-Gi-Oh End of Match Procedure

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The new end of match procedure issued by Konami on 5/25/2018 is on its way to ruining the game. The policy can be viewed here Discussions among many players has been overwhelmingly negative towards this new policy saying that it is very exploitable and is promoting terrible behavior at events. This policy either needs to be returned to its original state or a better policy, approved by the players, needs to be created.

As a whole this policy is a step back for the community and this has already been seen at recent events. Many players have been purposely stalling out games to win through this procedure which is unsportsmanlike and overall unhealthy for the game. Not only that but this policy makes players feel rushed which can affect how well they are able to  play. Games should be determined by a players skill and knowledge of their match ups not by  warping the game state and taking advantage of the new rules.  

This policy change has also left an impact on the tournament metagame as well. Many have been seen playing decks that have easy access to damage dealing cards just to put themselves ahead on life and win by this policy. This has been seen at numerous event from locals to even YCS level events. Metagames have always been shaped by the power level of the cards available but now we are seeing a metagame shaped by a tournament policy.

The new policy needs to be either returned to its original state or a better policy needs to be enacted. If a new policy is to be created it should be one that has the players interest in mind. This can be done through a simple poll or by local level test runs accompanied with a survey. Sweeping changes like this can forever impact the game and they should not be created without the opinion of the players.

This policy, left untouched, will only hurt the game of Yu-Gi-Oh. With so many players already being vocal about this some action needs to be taken. Please support our cause to fix this mistake.