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This petition is about actively seeking change for a game that we all love and enjoy. For quite a while now, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG has been operated by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc, ever since they gained sole control of the game from Upper Deck Entertainment. Ever since the game switched control between these two companies, many improvements have been made and the game progressively grew into a domitable force in the Trading Card Game market, actively competing with gaming giants such as Wizards of the Coast.

Recently, many players have felt frustrated with Konami Digital Entertainment Inc for a number of reasons. While the game has grown and progressed, it has also become more and more expensive to play on the competitive scene. The process in which Konami produces and cycles cards in their sets is known by many, one that has proven effective and very well for maximizing revenue. However, with this focus on sales, many players feel that this has become the main priority for Konami, over keeping the game balanced and fair.

The players of this game have been exposed to a field of expensive and valuable cards for a long time. Some feel that a high price tag for an individual Yu-Gi-Oh! card is justified by how effective and useful it is during a game. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, many players feel that this game has arrived at a point where it is simply too pricy to continue playing on a competitive scene. When single cards exceed $100 in price, especially when many of those cards are considered necessary pieces to stand a chance in the current meta, it is too impactful on the incomes of those who play to continue forth. Not only this, but the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is aimed at those who do not have disposable income; children. What kind of message is being sent to the younger generations who wish to play this game when they cannot make it far in a tournament because the cards they need are too expensive?

Then there are those who feel that Konami could do better when designing not only the cards of their game, but the lists that control and regulate which cards we can use in the competitive environment. Recently, with the release of the semi-annual Forbidden and Limited list, we can see that Konami did not factor in the big three decks of last format into their regulations. Under this list, Dino-Rabbit, Wind-Ups, and Inzektors are all still unchecked and terribly one-sided decks, even though they had plenty of time to demonstrate just how powerful they were. Dino-Rabbits have been very competitive since the intitial release of Rescue Rabbit in Photon Shockwave. Inzektors can utilize a combo every turn which can end in a +4 change of advantage. Wind-Ups even have the ability to deplete half of your opponent's hand before they can take a turn! All of these decks are serious problems that should have been dealt with at the turn of the format.

This petition calls for a few different things. First, it calls for Konami to actively seek better communication with the players that purchase their product. For quite a while, it would seem that the cries of concern from the players has gone unheard. The input from the players should be taken VERY seriously, but Konami has yet to seek our thoughts and perspectives on how things should be handled. We wish for them to change their ways and listen to what we have to say. We seek to have better opportunities to communicate with the provider of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, such as unbiased online polls, official detailed announcements or forums about upcoming products and releases, explanations for the actions and decisions made on the semi-annual Forbidden and Limited lists, and official "Q and A" sessions at the bigger sanctioned events, such as YCS tournaments.
The second thing that the petition calls for is a more active effort to balance the game as it currently is. The general thought is that balance in card design, list design, and format design should be of top priority. We feel that with the collective feedback from the player base, Konami can actively design sets, cards, and lists in a much more balanced fashion. For the current list, we would LOVE to see an Emergency List created to address the biggest three decks, but we know that this hope is a long-shot at best. We would also like to see older archetypes receive newer support so they may have a better chance on the tournament floors.

The third thing that this petition calls for is a temporary boycott of Konami products. In order to be heard and taken seriously, we feel that Konami needs to see how important we are at the end of the day. If we cease the purchase of Konami's product and do not attend sanctioned Konami events, it will speak volumes to the company that provides this game to us. It is a necessary step that must be done if we are to be taken seriously. The last thing many of us want to do is give up the card game we all love, but it needs to be done if we are to be recognized. 

If you agree with the above statements, we request that you sign this petition. If you agree that Konami needs to better the communication it has with its customers, we would love your signature. If you feel that the game is unbalanced and it has potential to be better, give us your support. That being said, please realize that with this petition comes an ACTIVE BOYCOTT. If you cannot find the will power to sign the list and avoid the purchase of any Konami product, the signature will be hollow and empty. Please, only sign if you are passionate about being heard.

With this petition, we hope that Konami Digital Entertainment Inc will recognize that their customers are frustrated and upset. We hope that they will actively seek our input, strive to better the quality of this game, and work as hard as possible to balance the game and make it a better game to play.

We thank you for your help. Together, our voices grow louder. Let's send Konami our message and do so as loudly as possible. 

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Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

To whom it may concern:

Hello, I am a player of the YuGiOh! TCG and I wish to express a few of my concerns with how the game is currently being handled. I have been generally satisfied with the game as a whole, but with recent implementations to the YuGiOh! TCG, my concerns, alongside many others who play your game, have grown significantly larger. I humbly request that certain things be acknowledged and addressed accordingly to ensure the well being of the YuGiOh! TCG.

Upon the release of the March 2012 Forbidden and Limited List, it feels as if certain things were not taken into consideration that should have been. By not addressing the newest, most powerful decks, such as Inzektors, Wind-Ups, and Dino-Rabbits, big balance issues within these archetypes remain within the game that should have been more adequately balanced. A few of these certain decks, after the release of Order of Chaos in Japan on November 19th 2011, had shown to be an issue for nearly 3 months. Then, after the release of the pack in the TCG, all three showed to be unbalanced and overpowered with direct influence from the TCG exclusives. I feel that this unbalance within these decks can be harmful to the game.

As an active player of this game, I feel that the choices in question could use improvement. I feel that, in order to maintain a more healthy game, these particular decks should be reevaluated, readdressed, and rebalanced for the well being within the YuGiOh! TCG. The semi-annual Forbidden and Limited lists should be utilized to maintain balance, but in this case, we seem to STILL have balance issues even after the release of the March 2012 Forbidden and Limited list.

I love this game and wish to see it thrive, but not in this manner. The YuGiOh! TCG should be a game of balance. No single deck should have any more advantage over another simply due to unbalanced card design. My suggestion to improve the situation would be to make this a priority, that those decks mentioned before be balanced better and general card design be reconsidered as a whole. This can be done in a few ways, such as placing a few cards from each deck onto the Forbidden and Limited lists. Also, we as players would greatly appreciate it if your company actively strived for better communication and input from us. I feel that we can offer a lot of good input and that it would benefit not only us, but your company as well. We would love to see your company provide different means to establish more active communication with the players, such as online polls, official announcements and forums on upcoming product, explanations for the actions taken on the semi-annual Forbidden and Limited lists, and Q and A sessions at the bigger sanctioned tournaments.

This game is one that I thoroughly enjoy to play. I sincerely hope that you will consider my requests, as I feel that by addressing my concerns, the YuGiOh! TCG can grow and thrive even more so than it is now. By working together, I feel that your company and the players of this game can adequately work together to improve upon the things that need improvement, fix the issues that need to be fixed, and repair the damages that need to be repaired. However, until an active attempt at communication is made, or until these issues are acknowledged and addressed, I will not be purchasing any Yu-Gi-Oh! related product or attending any sanctioned tournaments in the foreseeable future.

I hope that this message helps to better your company. Thanks for providing this game to us. Hopefully together, these concerns can be addressed and improved upon.


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