Konami Compensate Mobile Players With 5000 coins, 1 Million GP & Other Items in PES 2021

Konami Compensate Mobile Players With 5000 coins, 1 Million GP & Other Items in PES 2021

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Saptarshi Sinha started this petition to Konami

Efootball 2022 for Mobile (iOS/Android) was supposed to roll out this month. The relevant information regarding the new update was supposed to roll out in October, but in reality there was none, and Konami didn’t communicate transparently with the fans either.

On November 5th 2021, in a rather shocking announcement, Konami officially declared that  eFootball 2022 will now launch in Spring 2022 (March -June). The game which was originally scheduled for an Autumn 2021 release across all platforms has now been postponed by an additional 4-6 months!

KONAMI has literally ruined the mood, plans and faith of the entire mobile playerbase with the latest announcement of the delayed Efootball 2022 launch. 

The shokcing announcement has hit the Mobile players the hardest. Unlike the console/PC players who are already able to play Efootball 2022, Mobile users have to stick with PES 2021 and wait till Spring 2022 for the new game to arrive on their smartphones/tablets.

The entire Mobile playerbase is left disappointed and disheartened. As a long-time player of PES Mobile, I equally feel cheated for Konami playing around with our emotions and pulling off such a dirty, disgusting, shambolic move.

PES 2020 was Konami’s last “new” football game to release across mobile devices. Konami didn’t release a new, improved PES 2021. Instead, Konami simply rolled out a mere season update consisting of updated players, teams, managers and cards. Konami promised the entire playerbase to wait for Efootball 2022, promising revolutionary gameplay, industry-leading mechanics and a refreshing experience. 

While the wait itself was a lengthy process, Mobile users got sick, frustrated and tired of the stale gameplay. PES Mobile 2019 was the last PES game Konami got right and since then the franchise has gone downhill. 

Plenty of gameplay issues, broken mechanics and bugs emerged in PES Mobile 2020; instead of resolving those issues, Konami kept people at the edge of their seats that made the Mobile users hope that the issues would indeed be fixed. But alas! None of those issues were resolved.

History repeated itself in PES Mobile 2021 where the same issues, bugs, SCRIPTING and rigged gameplay emerged. Plenty of Mobile users quit/uninstalled the game as the bad gameplay far outweighed the tiny enjoyable moments. Others who kept playing weren’t at all satisfied and constantly vented their grievance to Konami’s Customer Support. However, Konami’s inefficient and worst Customer Support never communicated in a transparent manner and the entire playerbase was left helpless and hopeless. Over the last two years, Konami has repeatedly turned  a deaf ear to Mobile players’ constant prayers to improve the state of the game.

Simply put, Mobile users have been stuck with the exact same PES Mobile game for two years in a row, namely PES Mobile 2020 and PES Mobile 2021.

And with the latest announcement regarding the delayed  launch of Efootball 2022, Mobile players will now have to stick with the dead, stale game at least until March 2022.

Furthermore, Mobile players don’t have any sync with the real life football seasons at all. While football seasons in real life usually begin in August and end in May, Mobile players don’t get to play until late October or November and only get a maximum of 7 months of synchronised/updated gameplay. What’s worse is that Mobile players also have to stick with the dead, outdated, old-season game from May to October/November while the new real-life season is already underway.

To sum it up, Mobile players have to wait for another 4-6 months for the launch of Efootball 2022. This means, another 4-6 months of dead in-game events, C conditioned players, non-updated Managers list, and a whole ton of psychological warfare against the existing bugs, issues, glitches in a two-year old game!

For the last two seasons, Konami kept providing Mobile users with empty promises of resolving the issues and fixing the game. However, Konami has never delivered on a single promise to date and continues to sell false hopes to its faithful Mobile players.

It’s pretty clear that Mobile players have generated the most revenue for Konami’s PES franchise as compared to the console/PC players. Yet the Mobile players are the first to be guillotined by Konami’s inhuman treatment over the years as well as the latest announcement of the delayed Efootball 2022 launch.

No words can express how deep the Mobile playerbase is bleeding right now and no amount of compensation can make up for the delayed launch of the new season. We, Mobile players, have tolerated enough nonsense from Konami for the last two years and every time the company did something wrong, they would offer some meaningless compensation without even surveying beforehand what a suitable compensation would be for that particular situation in the first place. 

“The Pitch Is Ours.” Indeed it is. And so is the power. And it’s high time for Mobile users to make their voices heard and call for a much-needed change. 

Konami must be held accountable for their actions and this time, the Mobile players get to choose the compensation that’s fit for the scenario.

The following is the complete list of compensation we Mobile Players demand for each of the eight categories in PES 2021 :

  1. Coins : 5000 coins per user
  2. GP : 1.5 Million GP per user
  3. Efootball Points : 25000 Efootball points per user
  4. Contract Tickets : 30 Contract Tickets per user 
  5. Iconic Moment : Monthly Iconic Moment Superstar Challenge till Spring 2022
  6. Log-In Bonus : Daily Log-In Bonus till Spring 2022 (to make each day count)
  7. Reintroduce Iconic Moments and Items in Efootball Shop
  8. Reintroduce Featured Players & Players Of The Week 

While the aforementioned compensation isn’t enough to cover up for the damage that’s has been caused by Konami, it is the least Konami must do as a token of apology. No amount of rewards can compensate for lost time and likewise Konami can’t compensate for the time value of Mobile players. But the aforementioned compensation is the least Konami can, shall, and must provide in PES 2021.

The aforementioned compensation may sound crazy but nothing is more crazy than a company like KONAMI taking two years to develop a game and failing to launch it in due time and then postponing the release by 4-6 months!!

A business relationship is forged by both sides. However, over the last couple of years, it has felt like only the players are loyal to Konami, while Konami doesn’t care about the collective interests of the Mobile players. 

It’s obvious that Konami has taken the Mobile players for granted. It’s time we raise our voice and put Konami back to its place. It’s time we remind Konami that’s it’s the players who have power over the organisation and its game, not the other way round.

The Pitch Is Ours. Let’s reclaim it. Let’s change the narrative.

We, Mobile Players of the PES franchise stand firm with our demands and hereby request KONAMI to comply with the same.

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