Cryptocurrency trading fraud by KOINEX INDIA

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I Abhishek Verma had bought 189 ripples whose present worth is around rs 25500 from the trading website
This is a startup fr from students of india's premier Institute's Iit delhi, iit kgp.
It is a mere coincidence that these great institutions have created people like sundar pichai and scammers like.

(Rahul Raj and Rakesh Yadav, founder of Koinex) 

As I Had account on this website, my whole balance got transferred into some unknown account without my knowledge.
I didnt recieve any OTP as for authentication, which is a must as per norms.
When i complained about this issue they accepted that there was a security glitch initially.
After that they just stopped responding to my mails, calls everything.
Instead of accepting their mistake they have been hiding their faces and running like cowards.This theft happened on 19th December and since then no strict action has been taken in this regard. Niether i have been addressed by the company as a victim of this fraud. I have texted every founder of this company personally but in vain.
In this era of digitalisation when people accept the change in technology.Blockchain emerging as secure medium of transfer.These websites are duping people of their hard owned money.
I may not be the first victim of them, there are many others like me commenting on their Facebook page.They might not got have the platform to expose them.
I am very much determined to bring this matter to front.I have lodged a complaint against koinexindia with Kolkata cybercell. They have been investigating the matter.
I urge everyone who is reading this to please sign this petition. 
And share this post as much as possible.
This post may or may not bring justice to me but may help many people around me to be aware of this fake trading companies.
For more information visit on the link given below