RESOLVED: Kohl's and Mudd - stop stealing the work of independent artists

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RESOLVED: Kohl's and Mudd - stop stealing the work of independent artists

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Megan Wilson started this petition to Carolyn D'Angelo, Iconix Brands (Executive Vice President, Brand Management and Marketing Services) and

Update: the case has been settled. Thanks to everyone who signed, shared and commented!

This was posted by artist Lili Chin on social media today:

"You may have seen what happened to artist, Tuesday Bassen with ZARA stealing her designs and then claiming that she is not as famous enough (as ZARA) to matter. I have my own battles and here is another one that I am losing. MUDD the clothing label got back to my lawyer yesterday denying copyright infringement and basically saying "Go ahead and sue us". It would cost up to $60K for me to take them to court."

Lili Chin has been working professionally as an artist since the mid 1990's. She started DOGGIE DRAWINGS in April 2008 and this has become her full-time pet portrait and illustration business. 

Her work includes:

  • Custom pet portraits 
  • Illustrations and infographics for dog-related businesses, vets, professional trainers, animal care-givers and advocates, authors, and creatives. Her dog body language artwork has appeared in art museums, on television, in training programs (for children, police officers, prisoners, rescue groups etc.), and recently in a World Health Organization social media campaign.
  • Dog Breed designs, that she sells as art prints, on t-shirts, and other merchandise. You may have seen her "Dogs of The World" series around the internet.
  • Lots of drawings and products featuring her rescue boston terrier, Boogie.

Lili relies on her art to make a living. She has been incredibly generous in allowing the use of her work for educational purposes, as well as donating over $17.5K to rescue groups and fundraisers.

For Mudd to use her artwork to sell t-shirts without permission or compensation is nothing short of theft, and you can bet they've done the same to many other artists.

By their own admission, this t-shirt came from Kohl's own design team. I'd like you to join me in calling on Kohl's to withdraw the copied design from sale until Lili has been properly compensated for the use of her artwork, to issue an apology for the unauthorised use, and to discontinue the practice of ripping off the work of others for their own profit. If you're a Kohl's customer, let them know that their dishonest practices will cost them your business.

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This petition had 3,287 supporters

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