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Mineta to drop out and Hitoshi to take his place

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Hitoshi Shinsou would make an amazing addition to the hero course. He made his passion very clear during the sports festival and made it far into the competition not only because of his powerful quirk, but his intelligence. This was shown when he applied to the general studies, because he knew his quirk wouldn't work against faux villains, as even Aizawa stated himself.

Aizawa also stated that this was one of the reasons why he said the entrance exam wasn't rational. It worked in favor of those with physical quirks only.

Not only that, but Shinsou ranked 12th in the first popularity poll and 14th in the second. He's obviously a fan favourite despite having such a small amout of screentime. Now imagine how much more beloved he'll be as part of the class.

If not Mineta, who lacks physical strength and a strong quirk, then at least let Hitoshi Shinsou take the place of another secondary character with not much screentime like Rikido Sato or Koii Koda.

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