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NIOH is an upcoming game being developed by Team Ninja and published Koei Tecmo, which is only being released on PS4 currently. It looks incredible, a visually stunning hack & slash samurai epic that takes inspiration from Dark Souls, Japanese history and mythology, and Team Ninja's own Ninja Gaiden. NIOH is a game that I would purchase in a heartbeat if it came to PC, as would a great many others, and I hope to prove that interest with this petition.

Why it makes sense:

PC Gamers are hungry for good console ports, and you have a huge audience here that are eager to play your game. Let us take a look at some other recent ports for example. Earlier this year Capcom released Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on Steam, it was reported to be Capcom's fastest selling PC title to date, with over 400,000 owners according to SteamSpy. Before that, Valkyria Chronicles was released late in 2014, it's sales have "blown all predictions out of the water" said publisher Sega, and has just shy of 875,000 owners according to SteamSpy. Most importantly, it took a petition to bring Dark Souls to PC back in 2012, which has sold over two and a half million copies on PC, with all 3 collectively selling over five million copies. It was reported that 40% of the Souls series total sales were on PC.

NIOH is exactly the kind of game that would be extremely successful on PC, and the brutally difficult dark fantasy Samurai RPG gameplay would have a huge audience on Steam. Everything about it, from the gameplay to the setting to the enemy designs and art direction looks absolutely incredible, so we ask one thing: give us the opportunity to play your game on PC. Koei Tecmo have recently been greatly improving the quality of their PC ports, so it makes perfect sense that NIOH makes it's way to Steam. Thank you.

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