Have koalas declared an endangered species.

Have koalas declared an endangered species.

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Started by Nicholas Stuart

Please sign and share this petition to help get koalas put on the endangered list.

After losing thousands of koalas in the recent fires, with their habitats lost and thousands more now facing starvation, these beautiful creatures have taken yet another recent hit due to human interference. This time, with the total disregard of their welfare, with the deforestation of trees on a plot of private land in Victoria, killing many more.

The Australian Koala Foundation estimates that there are less than 100,000 koalas left in the wild, possibly as few as 43,000. Let’s put things into perspective. One island alone (Kangaroo Island) lost about 30,000 koalas in the recent bushfires, according to Veterinarian Garnett Hall. Jan 12, 2020

So if these figures are accurate, urgent protection needs to be put in place.

In the average lifetime of a healthy female koala (12-year life span), she may produce five or six offspring. Which isn’t a great number. So, a healthy regeneration of this species will take years and years. 

Without calculating the loses in all the other states, I can’t fathom how many we have lost in total. More fires this year, and the loss of their vegetation, the future certainly looks bleak for these creatures.

Please help to give this Australian icon, that is unique in so many ways, and attracts tourists from all over the world, ‘a fighting chance’. 

I want my son to grow up to see koalas in the wild, not as a once was in the zoo, a book or on a computer! 

Hopefully, there is hope for these beautiful little creatures and they can fight on!

Please, no more fires this year, and fingers crossed the ones burning are under control! 

Thank you for your support.

A little bit about why I started this campaign-

I have very fond memories of spending some very special time on Kangaroo Island, staying in the National Park with my parents a few years ago. Every day I came across koalas. I’d never seen so many in the wild. It was like a little sanctuary for them, and all the other wildlife on the island. I was able to get up close to them on more than one occasion, creating an everlasting memory. 

I felt sickened to the stomach knowing that over half the island had burnt, along with the place we stayed in the park, and all those beautiful koalas I saw... perished!  

I wanted to drive there as soon as I knew they needed help. I applied to help the RSPCA when they put out the campaign for help, which they got an overwhelming response for, from all over the world.

But unfortunately, I was unable to lend a hand. I had another important role to play, and that was to look after my new baby son so my partner could go back to work, with her recently started business. I felt helpless. So I decided if I couldn’t be there in person to help, then I will do anything I can from home; whilst looking after my son. 

Anyway, this isn’t about me it’s about those beautiful helpless koalas.

Please sign and share, and let’s do this together. 

Thank you! 

1,505 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!