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TO: The Keiro NW Board

FROM: The Keiro NW Community

Since your decision to close down Keiro NW, there has been five deaths due to Transition Trauma. As you were advised/warned by expert health professionals in the Senior Care field, 25 to 30% of our 120 beloved senior residents forced out will pass away within thirty days. Depression, anxiety and loss of appetite for many residents along with stress derived health ailments amongst our seniors, and many of our staff, has set in. Everyday of late, crying residents, crying resident families, and crying staff pass through the doors of Keiro NW for the last time. Heart wrenching.

NONE of this needed to happen if you voted to PARTNER/AFFILIATE.

This decision also had zero plan, no pre-planning again for keeping Nikkei Manor open. This means that over 50 MORE elders may be displaced. Our Nikkei Manor seniors are left in the dark, overcome by worry about the unknown. They do not know if their homes will still be home. Is this the way to treat these residents? Is this the way to treat all members of our diverse community? Many of whom have donated their hard earned money, volunteered and given of their talents to this organization for 44 years? Where is the respect, the trust, the compassion? There have already been Nikkei Manor residents that have moved out due to fear and frustration over poor board communication, and organization. There is also a growing lack of trust of the board leadership due to news of board dysfunction, instability and misconduct.

NONE of this needed to happen if you voted to PARTNER/AFFILIATE.

Since the May 3rd closure announcement; to the May 14 Town Hall Meeting; to present; the public/community has been misled, it has been given false hope; it has tolerated insults to intelligence; it has been left clueless as to whether Nikkei Manor Assisted Living would stay open or be sustained; left clueless as to the next steps for Keiro Skilled Nursing; and has gotten no substantial answers as to how we got here financially.

NONE of this needed to happen if you voted to PARTNER/AFFILIATE.

Keiro NW Organization and its offerings of Asian inspired meals, activities and high quality programs have filled a much needed service in our diverse community. This decision to abruptly close the doors has left a huge hole in our city and in our hearts. This decision was the most costly option. As you were advised, shutting down in this manor meant exorbitant expense. We ask why you made this decision when you knew of the organizations financial state? You knew that human lives were at stake, residents died, yet you still force this closure on us? We ask, “Is this making the best decisions for KNW residents, KNW Staff and the KNW Community?” We question whether you are right and worthy to serve on the board of this unique and loved organization. We ask how you could be in agreement with this decision if you care about making every day the best day for residents, staff and the community? It is a shame. It is inhumane and barbaric. It is unbelievable.

NONE of this needed to happen if you voted to PARTNER/AFFILIATE. Why would you refuse to look into Partnering?


We demand a voice.

We demand to be heard.

We demand that Keiro NW Organization partners/affiliates with the Transforming Age Company.


  • The Non Profit Transforming Age Company has the financial resources to pursue partnering with unique communities and their organizations for the elderly. Transforming Age steps in to help facilities THRIVE while also HONORING THE MISSION of the company.
  • This partnership could and will, SAVE ALL Keiro NW LAND and PROGRAMS, Including Nikkei Manor and Kokorokai.
  • This partnership will carry on the Keiro NW mission.
  • The Transforming Age Company has already been researched thoroughly by two KNW CEO’S.
  • Partnership with Transforming Age will mean that Keiro NW will be connected with architects and construction teams that are experts in Senior Living structures and residences.
  • Partnership with Transforming Age will mean that KeiroNW will be connected with professionals who are innovative, have sensible timely ideas and who are experts on all to do with the Senior Health Care Industry.
  • A thought not formalized, yet discussed previously, was about the future of Keiro NW which could mean building a state of the art memory care unit and expansion of Keiro NW to the East Side.
  • Partnering with Transforming Age, could mean that we would be able to renovate and remodel into Assisted Living Units at 1601 E. Yesler Way
  • Partnering with Transforming Age, could mean that we would be able to renovate and remodel Nikkei Manor.
  • Transforming Age Company has the "know how," and financial means to help KeiroNW Organization thrive and live on, possibly to become a cutting edge center for Senior Living and Senior Health Care and Senior Services of Greater Seattle.

We are aware that this will mean that the Transforming Age Board of Directors will become our new board. We understand and accept that this new board will be diverse and not solely Japanese American. We welcome this change whole heartedly as for the first time Keiro NW will have representation from professionals who are experts in Senior Living and the Senior Health Care Industry.

We know that this has been a difficult and sad time for some of you too. You have stepped up in the past to do what is right for ALL in the Keiro NW Community. We realize that we also need to step up. We are ready to work with you and the Transforming Age Company to keep Keiro NW and Nikkei Manor doors open and to launch KeiroNw into a bright future.

Please make the right decision for all and consider partnering/affiliating with the Transforming Age Company. We want our Keiro back. It is bigger than all of us. 

Thank you very much.

-The Keiro NW Community