Make Cadets Optional

Make Cadets Optional

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Started by Shorten Cadets

At Knox Grammar School, cadets is a compulsory activity, however, being a niche activity, not everyone wishes to participate. As a student of Knox Grammar School, I know that the compulsory period of 5 terms of cadets is far too many, and that the compulsory aspect should either be abolished or reduced to 2 or 3 terms worth of compulsory attendance.

2 or 3 terms of compulsory cadets is more than enough to figure out whether or not the activity is for you, and reducing the compulsory time period is likely to subdue much of the negative feedback, as the sentencing is not as long. During this 2 or 3 term time period many things could be accomplished (a camp, an array of experiences and some form of public display) without the need to disrupt more than an entire year worth of school.

Not only could much be accomplished in 2 or 3

terms, but simply put; any lessons or valuable information that could be obtained from the cadets experience will be greatly dulled as a result of the negative attitude that many have towards cadets, as proven by the emphasis Knox places on mindset throughout the education they bestow upon their students.

By abolishing, or shortening complusory cadets interested students will still be able to pursue what they desire without inhibiting students with interest elsewhere, thus allowing the program to thrive.

So join me in making this vision a reality.

37 have signed. Let’s get to 50!