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Stop the killing of Fletch tomorrow!!!!!!

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Save Fletch URGENT!! WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SAVE FLETCH! PLEASE CALL KNOX COUNTY COMMISSIONERS AT 740 393-6703!! Here is our boy's story. Fletch has been at the Knox County Animal shelter for 7 months. He has developed a bad habit recently on grabbing treats out of your hand. As volunteers, we have been working with him daily.

Two Saturdays ago he was in the bonding room with a man and his daughters. They were playing with toys and treats and Fletch grabbed it from her and broke the skin.... THIS IS NOT AN AGGRESSIVE BITE! Had the family been told he was a grabber this may not have happened. Protocol is to put the dog on isolation for 10 days. The officers knew that it was not an aggressive bite but had to follow procedure. Yesterday the 10 days were up. The health department knew it was not an aggressive bite and after following up, stated the dog did not need to be put down. Our warden Jordan Bernard has decided to euthanize him tomorrow because he feels that this would be protecting the community. He did not bite the little girl. The family left the shelter and didn't file a bite report or a complaint!

Here's the kicker...Fletch is adopted! The man who wants him walks Fletch every Saturday with his young daughter. They have been for months! This man knows Fletch's story and has offered to sign a waiver. They love him and know he needs to work on his manners. Jordan has not responded to his phone calls until yesterday when the adopter called and Jordan told him Fletch's was going to be put down today. Of course, we were able to save him from this fate today but maybe not tomorrow.

The man pleaded with him and offered to sign a waiver once more. He was told by Jordan it wasn't his decision it was the wardens and it has been made. So adopter called our commissioners and was told that they do not micromanage the warden. The decision is his. PLEASE MAKE A PHONE CALL, SHOW UP AT THE MUNICIPAL COURT TOMORROW (3/21 @3PM) AND CHANGE THEIR MINDS!!! Fetch is not a bad dog! He deserves to get out of the shelter and have a loving home!

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