NPR station KNKX Tacoma/Seattle: Stop running Puget Sound Energy's LNG ads!

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Our local, community-owned jazz, blues, and npr news station KNKX has been running ads for a new 8 million gallon Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility at the Port of Tacoma. This project is headed by Puget Sound Energy (PSE) -- a privately held fossil fuel company owned by the Macquarie Group, Australia’s largest investment bank.

What is wrong with liquefied "natural" gas? What is wrong with KNKX running PSE’s ads?

Natural gas is only "natural" when it’s thousands of feet underground along with coal and oil. The extracted ("fracked") gas is mostly methane, which is 86 times more damaging than carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere.[1] The toxic chemicals used for fracking end up in wastewater ponds that pollute land and water and cause sickness in animals and human beings. When you consider the whole impact of natural gas from extraction to transportation and burning, it’s clearly not the best alternative to coal and oil. Only a conversion to renewables can put us on the path to a stabilized, livable climate.

The Puyallup tribe, whose land and water the Tacoma LNG facility is being built on, is peacefully and powerfully saying no to the LNG plant.[2] But it’s being built anyway, and without required permitting. There is a risk of explosions at the plant within a 3-mile radius “blast zone.” PSE claims that the LNG plant will supply ships with cleaner burning fuel than the bunker fuel currently used. But simpler alternatives are already being used to achieve this end.[3]

So, why is Puget Sound Energy (PSE) building this LNG plant and the extensive pipeline infrastructure feeding it? And why have they created a shell company to limit their liability if there is an explosion and a fire?[4] Is it really to create cleaner burning fuel for ships that don’t need natural gas to meet emissions standards? Or is it that PSE wants to develop a new, highly profitable fossil fuel market in “natural” gas that will push us even closer to the precipice of run-away climate change, while placing much of the cost and the risk on Tacoma ratepayers?

It is hypocritical of KNKX, which just ran a 3-month story on the Salish Sea, to continue airing the PSE ads promoting the Liquefied (Un)Natural Gas project. Lovers of jazz and public radio call on KNKX to restore its integrity, stand with the Puyallup tribe and all people concerned for the lives of our children and grandchildren, and immediately stop airing PSE’s ads for the LNG plant in Tacoma!





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