Justice for Hailey. Help put my daughter's rapist in prison.

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On January 5th of 2016, I came home from the YMCA to some suspicious goings on. My husband at the time was not the best father. He mostly kept us poor while he sat around playing video games. I did all the work raising the kids and handling the household. When I got home, right away I saw hot cheetos and a glass of milk on the couch. He never allowed Hailey these types of treats. I then noticed Hailey was in the bath. Something my ex husband hadn't done since my daughter was an infant. She was 4 now. I immediately pulled her out of the bath and as I was brushing her hair she told me in front of my ex husband that he had hurt her with his privates. I'll never forget those exact words, "Mommy, daddy hurt me with his pee pee." I asked her to show me where he kept his pee pee and she walked up to him pointing between his legs. I knew then that my suspicions were valid and immediately took her to the hospital. I kicked him out and the next day we saw CARES. The child victim advocates who confirmed he had raped and sodomized my 4 year old daughter. He confessed when he was arrested two days later. He is now trying to retract his confession and plead innocence. Its been 2 and a half years and nearly 6 lawyers and 7 postponements later. It is time for the courts to take action NOW. Help me in my crusade for justice. Help me put away a pedophile and protect my family and our community. Any questions, comments, concerns please message at justice4hailey@yahoo.com and or contact the Klamath County Circuit Court and our local DA office to put pressure on them to expedite this process and go to trial and send this pedophile to prison immediately.