Make Kiwi Build Visually Appropriate

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New Zealanders should vote for house building planning BEFORE construction starts.

There is a great opportunity to create beauty. Learning from countries that have been building beauty for decades, we need not be a copy of another country but can be unique by gaining insights & inspiration from European newly built housing (they have learned from their classic origins & combine this well with modern interiors).

100,000 new houses is a lot.
New Zealand, particularly the Auckland region - has discouraging housing developments, that create stress & leave no room to relax & de stress from daily living.  We need development that promotes well-being.

Most local & non local walks are interrupted by boxed housing that scars the landscape.

Ensure KiwiBuild is visually appropriate.

This petition asks that:

1. NZ votes for house building planning BEFORE construction starts.
Voting from a range of plan choices. (For large developments & new suburbs).

2. Architects are hired that are skilled in the brief & are thoughtful.

3. Development is overseen with thought in mind for the land surrounds.

4. Classic Walkway's are a priority.

5. Housing numbers allowed per region/suburb are voted on by the public, before construction.  (So housing can be spread thoughtfully to multiple suburbs in a thoughtful way).

6. Ugly boxed housing is not allowed.

7. Beauty & inspirational living is a priority.

8. Beach front coastal areas are not allowed for ugly mass development.

9. Rural areas are not to be mass produced without beauty in mind & mind for keeping rolling hills with houses nestled & grouped well rather than - the land scarred & made to be filled with houses in an unthoughtful way.

10. That thoughtful town & residential planning become better for all future buildings.  With a plan going in place to accommodate this.  Starting with KiwiBuildVote & following on from there, to ensure our land is preserved with surrounds in mind, to have lasting beauty & well-being.

11. Spacial awareness is a priority. The positioning of houses must be a planning consideration, for example large tightly grouped houses in a straight line block the views of the sky & land surrounds for everyone, where as houses on angles are better, whether in a line or individually grouped - angled housing shows the sky & land surrounds for more beauty & a sense of space.