Mini pigs are pets! Non-pig owners need to know!

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Please help me reunite Gloria and her husband with and their two little pigs, Rocky & Pepa.

Gloria had always dreamed of having a pet pig, and finally, after raising her children, and half way through raising her grandchildren ..her dream finally came true.. After  much research, she found a reputable breeder in Arkansas, who then had her two miniature pigs flown all the way to Washington state.  Sadly, after only 3 short months of owning and caring for Rocky & Pepa, Gloria and her husband, were forced to surrender their pigs due to ordinances within their city limits. The city council  explained that all pigs are considered "swine" and no exceptions can be made. In respond to the councils request, Gloria brought her two pigs to us at Pigture Perfect Rescue and Sanctuary, which is home to 18 other pigs. Having 15 years experience as a miniature pig owner, I feel as though, the pet pig remains somewhat unknown to people who have had no experience with one. I feel that I should be a voice for the pet mini pig and help to give non-pig owners a better understanding of the truely amazing pets that they are. For starters, I have researched the definition of swine and found the following:

(swīn) n. pl. swine
1. Any of various omnivorous, even-toed ungulates of the family Suidae, having a stout body with thick skin, a short neck, and a movable snout, especially the domesticated pig.
2. A person regarded as contemptible or disgusting.

Having stated the definition of "swine" ..the first definiton only explains a physical apperance of the pig. The 2nd definition explains swine relating to people. 

But taking into account the 2nd defintion- A pig can be a disgusting creature, it is true. If the pig is not properly cared for or is neglected, the pig may smell unpleasant. If a pig is neglected or mistreated, it could become "contemptible" and have behavioral issues. The same goes for a  pigs' livings space; if the owner does not clean up after the pig, the manure will undoutably have a foul odor.

But how is this different from any other domesticated animal? If you neglect a dog the same applies. That dog may have unpleasant odors and could develop behavior issues; possibly becoming mean. If an owner neglects the dogs living space, the dogs feceices would have a foul odor, just the same. 

Another consideration with a pig vs dogs: Dogs bark. They can bark loud and excessively, which can be very upsetting to those in the neighborhood. Dogs typically bark to alert their owner that there is an intruder, or even bark to scare off a potential intruder themselves. Dogs generally bark to protect their home or they may even bark excitedly just to greet their owners. Pigs, on the other hand, do not squeel or bark excessively unless truely being harmed. Pigs are a prey animal and typically do not act as the house protector as a dog does. Instead, the pig would run and hide. In comparison, dogs would be considered a much noiser pet than a pig. 

Pigs are considered the 4th smartest animal on this planet. They have excellent long-term memories, can comprehend and learn a symbolic language, and live in social communities where they learn from each other. Pigs are said to be as smart as a 3 year old human child. They feel love, embaressment, saddness, depression, happiness and all other emotions that a toddler is capable of. 

Please help me spread awarness to all non-pig owners that Miniature Pigs are amazing creatures, who should be recognized as a domesticated house pet, just as a dog, when treated as such by their owners.  Help us to reunite Pepa & Rocky with their loving owners by showing your support through this petition. 

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