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EDIT (12/19): I just wanted to state that I am still a HUGE Miley Cyrus fan. I don't believe that she blew off Boston. Could she have planned better for weather? Maybe, but I know she cares about her fans and tried to get to the show. She's lived in California for years so I'm sure she isn't used to New England weather and from what I've recently heard she was stuck at a small airport that doesn't have the ability to deal with big snow storms like the larger airports. I was just so disappointed when I created this petition cause she really was the only reason I bought tickets and maybe I would word the petition differently now but I just want to make it clear that Kiss 108 is the one who should be held accountable for making this right.  



Many Miley Cyrus fans bought tickets for Kiss 108's Jingle Ball at the TD Garden in Boston mainly to see her perform. After all, she was promoted as "headlining" the event in marketing and on Kiss 108 itself. Unfortunately due to weather related issues Miley did not make her scheduled performance. I'm not sure who is to blame, but the whole situation was handled very poorly.

First of all on Miley's part. Every other act who performed at the New York Jingle Ball the night before made it to Boston. Why did Miley not plan for the snow and leave earlier? It seems the other acts did just that. She claims she did everything she could to get to Boston but I talked to attendees who drove to Boston from New York to see the show, they made it on time why couldn't Miley? She could have taken a car or a train if the airport was shut down.

Kiss 108 didn't handle the situation any better. Prior to the show they posted on social media that Miley was in the building and they lied on-air saying that Miley was in the arena, even commenting on what she was wearing and how she was about to go out and do a sound check. These were obviously lies because Miley was tweeting that she was still stuck and trying to get to Boston. At the open of the show they once again lied and claimed Miley was there. All of this added to the shock and disappointment when we were told that she wasn't coming.

During the Enrique Iglesias performance I saw on Twitter that Miley confirmed she would not be able to make it but no announcement was made to the audience in the arena. Iglesias was supposed to be the second to last performer but after his set finished an announcement on the loud speaker came on and said "Thank You all for coming to the Jingle Ball. Due to weather Miley Cyrus could not appear." Kiss didn't have anyone come out in person and explain the situation or apologize. It was very unprofessional and I'm not sure why they lied and said she was there at the beginning of the concert. Probably so people wouldn't leave when they found out that it looked like the headliner couldn't make it.

Needless to say the audience was disappointed when they heard the announcement. Some kids and even some teenagers were in tears.

Like I said I'm not sure who is to blame but it sure isn't the attendees who paid good money to see Miley, the headlining act. My tickets were over $200 dollars a piece. I already wrote to TicketMaster asking for a refund and their response was that refunds are up to the organizers, which in this case is Kiss 108, but that Kiss has no plans of refunding tickets at this time. I tried contacting Kiss directly via email but haven't gotten any response as of writting this and they are ignoring all social media inquiries on the subject of a refund.  I think what we need to do is we need to DEMAND a refund. We paid to see Miley, who was headlining the show! If not a refund then Kiss should organize a free Miley concert for Jingle Ball ticket holders. Kiss 108 needs to do something because we did not get what we paid for. If you agree I hope you will sign this petition. Thank You!

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