SEX-ED (Sex Education) for every child in India

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Right now India, every other girl is suffering from cyberbullying and harassment on daily basis. We mostly keep quiet and ignore such things because it could be dangerous for us, Rape threats and acid attack threats are normal Small Boys aged 15-16 are easily abusing girls because they know they will get away with it. Porn and many misleading things are available easily to them without any guidance. Sex is still a taboo in India and when small children are misguided they do things in the future which only bring shame to our society. 

*We have seen many juvenile cases where a kid was involved in a rape case or recorded or watch a rape online or in real.

We have seen how our teacher and elders hesitate in sharing such information with children, WHY? Porn is easily available to children and we expect children will react rationally without any knowledge? 

I like to ask you guys to support and sign this petition it is a good time when India should get Sex Education which will help them further in life, make them understand the difference in good and bad.