Keep Dakota EarthHorn Banned from Wizard101

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This petition is to keep the action of banning Dakota EarthHorn (Louis') account from the KingsIsle game Wizard101. He has commited several illegal United States crimes over the internet in the past and has finally been caught inside Wizard101. As many of you know, Louis makes a profit along with his collegues Blaze LifeHammer and Zenmaster Blue off of the game by commentating which is actually illegal as shown in the Terms of Service provided by KingsIsle. In addition, he has purchased subscribers for all three members of the group from a bot creator that makes fake youtube accounts that simply hit subscribe and do nothing else. Other crimes against other youtubers include DDOSing several other wizard101 youtubers during livestreaming or recording which has caused them to lose connection to their computer and is a form of hacking, which is also a federal crime. In real life Dakota has had multiple problems with anger issues and bullying others. In game he previously was muted for a time do to swearing and after some time KingsIsle lifted the mute. He later was caught false reporting and swearing in game and KingsIsle has finally caught up with him. At the moment he is trying to gain his account back through his fans that support him, without knowing the truth, instead of owning up to his crimes in game and being an adult about it. This is mainly a joke petition in rebutal of the petition made by Dakota himself and not meant to be taken seriously at all and although the accusations stated before are merely accounts from several people he has hurt in the past and haven't been proven, they should be considered in what kind of person he actually is. Leave your own stories below of how Dakota, Blaze or even Blue may have hurt you in the past whether that be IRL, through youtube or another medium.

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