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Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes: We are requesting of you to drop all Hate charges against Yitzchak Shuchat

 I would like to thank you all for giving a few minutes of your time to sign this petition. 

The supreme court of Israel had denied the appeal of Mr Shuchat. 

There was a 3 judge pannel . The pannel consisted of two Jewish Judges and one Arab Judge. The two Jewish Judges agreed that they don't see this case as a Hate crime, Interesting one of the Judges writes in his decision that this case looks like racialy profiling against Mr Shuchat .Unfortantely the two Judges agreed with the Arab judge who decided to deny the appeal, because they don't want to deal with this case

We are obligated to help Yitzchak Shuchat . We must all take a stand and voice our concerns . Mr Shuchat is being falsely accused of crimes, which he did not commit .

please help us get thousands of signatures . 


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 After the incident on April ,14 ,2008 the police started a witch hunt to find Yitzchak Shuchat .

The police  started banging on doors, and pulling cars over in Crown Heights . They found the car that shuchat was in and they towed the car and untill today the car was not returned  . They broke down a residents door  without a warrant at 2am in the morning ,to look for shuchat. The police arrested a member of that family and held him in a holding cell for 18 hours with his hand up chained to the cell. He was forced to urinate in his pants and was not given anything to eat or drink  .

The police detectives drove two and half hours to  Pennsylvania and to Long Island to Shuchat’s family, to see if he was there. The police threatened his family and wanted to arrest them. The police kept coming back and calling their houses and harassing them . The police saw that they had no luck they posted wanted signs all over Crown Heights . This was going on for 2 months .

Da Hynes called for investigative Grand Jury to see what happened on the night of April 14, 2008

There has been over 20 deadly assaults this past year in crown heights , and not once has the police and the  DA have done anything close to what they did in Shuchat’s case . The only thing they did is file a police report and that’s all.

WHY DID THIS HAPPEN ? Shuchat is a Jew, and Andrew Charles who is  a police officer's son was with his friend Kevin Evans. They were looking for trouble that night and Mr charles ended up with  a bruise on his arm.

Mr Evans was later  charged with rape and kidnapping a 14 year old girl. Reports show he is not sitting in jail for his acts of cruelty



Yitzhak is a young father who was arrested in Israel and is being extradited at the request of the United States government.He is being charged for a Hate crime and an assualt. Mr Hynes went all the way out on this case he wanted to convey a investigative grand jury for a simple assualt.

Hynes was so enraged by the case that he took the rare step of convening a grand jury — absent a suspect — to probe the case and in a Jewish Week interview at the time likened Shmira to violent inner-city gangs like the Crips and Bloods. .His reasoning for this is because he said he wont let a son of a NYPD get humiliated .

 Barry Sugar, founder of the Jewish Leadership Council, a grassroots group in Crown Heights said “To me, the fact that the DA told [The Jewish Week] that he’d only called four [special] grand juries in his 22 year career, and he chose this case—a minor assault accusation—as his fifth time, is especially suspicious. There appears to be an interest in holding up Yitzchak’s prosecution as a trophy prize after a show-trial.” Jewish community members complained after the 2008 incident that a spate of street attacks against Jews, some of them leading to serious injuries, were being treated less seriously and by Hynes and the police than the incident involving Charles.

Those cases were thrown under the carpet!!


Who is yitzchak Shuchat ?

Yitzchak Shuchat was born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. One of six children, He and his siblings had happy childhoods. They learned from their parents to be selfless, giving and acceptance of all creeds . At the tender age of 7, Yitzchak and his siblings would go with their father to Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center every Shabbat, holiday, and during the week. They would visit patients, or “Residents” as they called them, so as not to embarrass them. Yitzchak would feed the Residents, speaking kindly to them, playing games, and making each Resident feel as if He or She were the most important person in the world. His family was loved by all patients and staff members of the hospital for their outstanding love, concern, and attention they gave for all patients no matter what nationality.  Yitzchak Shuchat also went  on Sundays to  take the African Americans and Spanish  residents in wheel chairs to church, and to their activates , as most of them had no family to care for them

                At the age of 21, Yitzchak’s father, Shmuel Shuchat, was suddenly stricken with a debilitating degenerative disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Within a few months, Shmuel was not able to walk, talk, or even feed himself.  Yitzchak and his family had to take care of their father the same we he had taken care of those patients in the hospital. They lovingly fed him, spoke to him, and took care of him. Then, after a year, their young, once vibrant father passed away at a young  age of 46. He and his family mourned their loss, and started to rebuild their lives.

          Yitzchak Shuchat wanted to continue his fathers legacy and learned what love and kindness was all about. He worked as an EMT saving many lives. He worked for HASC as well where he took care of mentally and physically disabled adults with love and kindness. He volunteered for many different organization’s such as NYPD Auxiliary unit, Ahavas Chesed; dealing with patients in medical crisis, Chesed Shel Emes; taking care of the deceased,Kings County and kingsbrook Chaplaincy Department, and Crown Heights Shmira. Yitzchak was always on call, night and day, 7 days a week. He was always available to help others, and everyone knew they could rely on him.

    Yitzchak Shuchat received many awards, gratitude, and thanks from these organizations and community leaders. He received a letter of “Thanks, appreciation and outstanding work!”  From Reverend Jamison, Head of Kings County Hospital Chaplaincy department.

      Yitzchak Shuchat has a network of many friends from all over the world, all different nationalities, all of whom who hold him in the highest regard and respect him very much. Some of his friends even call him the Jewish angel !  

                On the evening of April 14 2008, Crown Heights Shmira received frantic calls stating that there were 2 African American males throwing rocks and cursing at Jewish passerby’s. The 2 males were later identified as Kevin Evans and Andrew Charles, who is a son of an NYPD officer. Reports show that Yitzchak Shuchat responded to the calls for help. When Yitzchak arrived there was some type of fight between the 3 of them which ended in a way were none were hurt severely. The fight was 2 people against 1 person, It seems like Yitzchak was trying to defend himself, also knowing that the 2 men were looking for trouble and using racial slurs  against people walking down the street  . It seems like he is not so innocent and there is a story that is not being told 

     Andrew Charles went to the hospital for a small bruise on his arm and was released after 5 minutes. The doctor told him to take an Advil if needed.

    His best friend Kevin Evans was later arrested for kidnapping, drugging, beating, raping, and pouring hot boiling water on a 14 year old girl. This sick behavior lasted  close to 2 weeks . Neighbors said that Kevin Evans was a nightmare from Hell

Andrew Charles said he would always hang out together with his best friend Evans .

So  what does that say about Andrew Charles.[ you are what company you keep.] 

  The incident that occurred between Yitzchak Shuchat and Andrew Charles happens in a school yard on a daily basis

    When interviewed by news channels, Andrew Charles said that the incident was not racially motivated.

       About 2 months after the incident, Yitzchak Shuchat moved with his family to Israel. Fueled by the memory of his late father. He started an organization naming it after his father .He went to hospitals and over 2 years he gave out over 15,000 sandwiches and drinks to sick patients and families in Israel; Always with a kind word, always with a loving smile.

         The office of Brooklyn’s DA, Charles Hynes, wanted to extradite Yitzchak Shuchat in 2008 for a simple schoolyard fight. Israel of course denied the request saying that there is no case.

      In 2010 Hynes trumped up the charges to a hate crime in order to send Yitzchak Shuchat back to Brooklyn. Many Senators and government Official’s have questioned Da Hynes motives and feel that this is a miscarriage of justice. Why does this case of a simple assault merit an extradition?  Does a school yard fight get 15 years in jail?   

Can we not trust our own DA to keep us safe from the real criminals? Where are his priorities? Does police officers families get special treatment?

      Yitzchak Shuchat was blessed with a son just 1 month before he was thrown into jail. His wife desperately needed her loving husband at this time. How could he be the father he needed to be when he was stuck behind bars? How can his family have money to pay for food and bills for his young children? Countless tears were shed as Yitzchak sat behind bars wondering what his new son looked like, and how his family was faring without a husband and father to take care of them.

   Yitzchak looked around the jail and saw others in pain. He saw an opportunity to show love and kindness to his fellow inmates . He offered words of comfort to those around him, and was soon dubbed their Rabbi. What a wonderful man, father, friend and  husband !

How could this be the man who dedicates his life to others is the one that the  DA Charles Hynes is treating like a murder? Yitzchak Shuchat holds all fellow man in the highest regard. What is Charles Hynes trying to prove? Why does he want to throw Yitzchak Shuchat into jail for 15 years? Our society is lucky to have such an out standing citizen .

He is an asset to any community he visits, any place he lives in.

Hopefully the DA sees the errors and realizes that Mr Shuchat is not a criminal  and prosecutes the real criminals  

Letter to
Director of Public Information Kings County District Attorney Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes
District Attorney Charles Hynes
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Attorney General Eric Holder
A few years ago, Yitzi, a volunteer patrol member, responded to a call involving two African Americans Andrew Charles and Kevin Evans who were throwing rocks at passbyers . He is being accused of committing a "hate crime" for allegedly hitting Andrew Charles during the incident. Mr charles did not sustain any serious injuries . He went to the hospital and was discharged after 30 minutes. He sustained a bruise on his arm and was told to take advil for pain . Mr Kevin Evans who was with him was later charged with kidnapping ,drugging ,torturing and raping a 14 year old girl. Mr Andrew charles was interviewed on Tv and stated that this incident is not racialy motivated.

The DA is using Yitzchak as a "poster child" to stave off pressure from Charles' father (who is an officer in the NYPD)
NY STATE SENATORS Eric Adams and Dov Hikind said that this case is a misscariage of justice and a Hate crime should be used not abused . Council woman Letitia James quoted saying that she believes this case is not a bias crime
This incident happens in a school yard on a day to day basis
Were does a simple assualt grant extradition from another country?
We must fight for Mr Shuchat and demand Da Hynes drop the charges .
There needs to be righteous Judgment in our country .
If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison.
To learn more about this case please visit

The Brooklyn DA office is charging former community patrol watchman Yitzchak Shuchat with various hate crimes, calling for his extradition from Israel, all arising out of a 2008 incident between Shuchat, then 24, and then 20-year-old, Andrew Charles, the son of a NYPD officer. After suspecting he was involved in criminal activity, Shuchat is accused of attacking Charles with a police baton. After the incident Charles stated to News12 that this issue has nothing to do with racial tensions.

After closely reviewing the indictment, grand jury testimony of the victim, and Inspector Michael J. Osgood's affidavit in support of extradition, it is abundantly clear that there is zero evidence that Shuchat's assault was racially motivated.

Civil rights activist and African American State Senator Eric Adams agrees: The NY Daily News reported that Adams questioned why the fight was labeled a hate crime when based on the allegations he "didn't see it as a bias crime."

A person commits a hate crime when they intentionally select the person against whom the offense is committed or intended to be committed in whole, or in substantial part, based on a belief or perception regarding the person's "race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation." (NY Penal Law § 485.05 [1] [a])

Shuchat attacked Charles because he was responding to a call that two African-American males were pelting a young Jewish woman with rocks and mistakenly believed that Charles and his friend were the culprits -- not because Charles was black. Charles did not break any bones or suffer permanent injury. According to grand jury testimony, he was examined at the hospital, given pain relief medication and released the same day.

Phone records show that Shuchat had several conversations on his cell phone with the patrol groups dispatch both before and after the incident, indicating that he did not randomly attack Charles but was responding to what he mistakenly believed was a crime in progress.

Charles testified that before Shuchat arrived on the scene him and his friend Kevin Owens were pepper sprayed by someone on a bike who was staring at them. Afterward, Shuchat responded to the commotion in an SUV and asked Charles, "What did you do to him?," clearly referring to the man who was chasing them down the block. Shuchat then got out of his SUV and struck Charles with a baton in an effort to subdue him.

There certainly seems to be sufficient grounds for a charge of assault considering the unprovoked nature of the attack and the fact that Charles was not engaging in any criminal activity, but the incident lacks any indication of even the slightest racial motivation. There were no external signs, verbal or otherwise, of racially motivated hate. The victim was sought out because Shuchat mistakenly believed that a crime was in progress. After the incident the victim himself stated that this issue has nothing to do with racial tensions.

Yet the District Attorney still insists on labeling this a second degree assault as hate crime carrying a sentence of up to 15 years in prison, attempted second degree assault as hate crime and third degree assault as hate crime.

The basis for labeling this a hate crime is a signed affidavit by Inspector Michael J. Osgood asserting that (a) there was no motive for the incident therefore we can assume the motive was racial and (b) the historical animosity between the victim's group and the suspect's group makes the incident likely motivated by race. Osgood elaborates that by "historical animosity" he is referring to the 1991 Crown Heights riots.

Shuchat's motive was responding to what he believed was a crime taking place. In fact, Osgood's affidavit concedes that the "Shmira Patrol wrongfully deemed him [Andrew Charles, the alleged victim] to be engaged in some type of criminal action." Race had nothing to do with his motivation. He mistakenly identified Charles as being involved in criminal activity and wrongly attacked him. Also since when does lack of motive prove racial motive? There isn't a shred of evidence that Shuchat intentionally selected Charles because of his race.

To indict someone on hate crime charges based on historical and theoretical claims about racial tensions dating back to the 1991 Crown Heights riots is downright disingenuous and ridiculous.

After the Crown Heights riots the Lubavitcher rebbe, in looking toward the future, told then Mayor David Dinkins that the black and Jewish communities are "one side, one people, living in one city." This unity vision has been the status quo. Despite occasional crime between blacks and Jews, there has been relative racial harmony since 1991.

There is absolutely no parallel between the Shuchat assault and racial tensions almost two decades before the incident. Besides, you can't use history to try to prove an individual's intent in a specific isolated case -- otherwise one could claim racial motive in any white-on-black crime.

The Israeli Supreme Court is scheduled to rule next month on Shuchat's appeal of his extradition. The court should recognize that the hate crime charges are baseless. They merely serve to stoke unnecessary racial tensions between blacks and Jews and trivialize real hate crimes.

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