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KCL: Give the class of 2020 a graduation ceremony

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Graduation ceremonies are symbolic occasions of achievement for students, an accumulation of their entire educational history.

Amongst the disorientation of the Coronavirus crisis, Kings College London has cancelled the graduation ceremony for the class of 2020, instead telling us they will send us our certificates in the post and that "they would like to explore" the possibility of other graduation dates. This, quite frankly, is not enough. We deserve our graduation ceremony and that is what we should be promised.

Kings College London should either promise accommodating us within the winter graduation ceremonies or promise a completely different date altogether.

I am calling all Kings College London Class of 2020 students to take a stand against the University, our year already plagued by inadequacies and disruptions. This is not on from Kings and we need a written promise that they'll stand by their word and that we'll all get the graduation ceremony we deserve.